VoloMetrix Releases Sales Module Application

Think of VoloMetrix as the Mint.com of enterprise performance.

Similar to how Mint.com measures balances and transactions to give users a full picture of their financial lives, VoloMetrix can give enterprises weekly or daily summaries around their own data for how much of their time was spent selling, marketing, or—paradoxically—in meetings.

The software-as-a-service start-up, which got off the ground a year and a half ago, has designed its Social Enterprise Intelligence platform as a way for large organizations to measure through set algorithms how business processes are actually executed and how those results affect customers.

"Our value proposition and fundamental assertion is that today, email and calendar and some more basic instant messaging tools [still make up] seventy percent or more of the communication volumes for enterprises," remarks Ryan Fuller, CEO of VoloMetrix. "A lot of statistics say salespeople spend between ten to forty percent of their time actually selling…we can tell you what the other eighty percent of their time is spent doing."

Here's the catch: VoloMetrix claims its solution keeps employee and customer data anonymous, which drives up the validity of recorded interactions between, for instance, a customer and a salesperson. VoloMetrix's new Sales Module application further enhances the platform's analysis of email calendar, instant messaging, and social networking data by generating reports that highlight events or escalations in customer interactions. Alignment indexing lets a sales team evaluate its time and resource investment versus its customers and stakeholders.

"In every one of your weekly staff meetings, instead of getting a two-minute answer from each department, everybody can actually have the same set of data that says, 'Here's what percentage of time your department is spending on key initiatives, on key partner groups, on each customer, [etc.],'" Fuller says.

The platform can also be used for better sales predictions. Fuller gives the example of how one sales organization expected to close a quarter $10 million strong in a deal, but that it actually closed at half that. By using VoloMetrix, the company could search trending topics and keywords and analyze interactions between the sales organization and that particular client. The tool also allowed the company to analyze internal "chatter" around the particular deal, which showed up strong, but which also indicated there was a three-month period of silence between the company and the $5 million client deal.

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