Velocify Releases Velocify Pulse to Help Sales Teams Work Together

Velocify, a provider of cloud-based software, has announced Velocify Pulse, a sales acceleration platform that aims to unify team members during all stages of the sales cycle. According to Nick Hedges, chief executive officer of Velocify, the system is "comprehensive and universal," and reduces the need for additional solutions.  

"The 'sales acceleration' industry has a variety of different vendors trying to help customers operate at speed," Hedges says. "They [each] do one thing quite well, and offer needed technologies. The bad news is that [companies who] want to put together a solution for sales have to stack multiple solutions on [the CRM system], and that's not what the market wants. What the market wants is one platform that handles email and telephony and organizes the process. And that's what we've done with Pulse."

Pulse provides insights to keep organizations aligned and focused on the necessary tasks and covers all stages of the sales cycle, including lead prospecting, nurturing, and conversion. To aid prospectors, the tool mines social networks such as LinkedIn and imports contact details and profiles. The platform leverages Velocify's built-in phone and email tools to facilitate communications with—and recommend next-best actions to convert—potential buyers. End users can access analytics to view key performance metrics such as conversion rates, call volumes, and the amount of new records entered into a system. All of this information is organized in visual workflows that aim to guide reps while providing them with explanations as to why an action has been suggested.

Pulse motivates salespeople to use it, Hedges says, by operating on what the company refers to as "rewardification," in which the best opportunities are given to those with the strongest performances. If the high performers are incentivized to follow the prescribed methods, the logic goes, the low performers will likely follow suit. According to Hedges, this system is more effective than the one widely known as "gamification," in which users are granted virtual badges to acknowledge their achievements, because it gives them more tangible incentives.

Hedges says that Pulse is Velocify's most significant release in its 10-year history, as it brings the company one step closer to its goal of building the "ultimate sales acceleration platform." The company has been working toward this goal since it announced close integration with Salesforce two years ago, and will continue to do so.

To that end, Velocify intends to bolster future iterations. "We want to [offer a] solution that helps every salesperson achieve results, whether they are in field sales or inside sales," Hedges says. "To do that we’re going to have to add modules over time. For instance, there's no presentation capability in our software today; we need to partner in order to develop it, or build it ourselves."  

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