Velocify Releases SalesCaddy to Boost Lead Generation

Sales acceleration platform provider Velocify today bolstered its tool kit with SalesCaddy, which aims to smooth and accelerate the process of finding and nurturing potential customers online. The addition, which serves as a complement to Velocify’s Pulse platform and leverages its ProspectFlow capabilities, is designed to help salespeople sustain communications with prospects and in turn boost their conversion rates.

Manoj Goyal, chief operating officer at Velocify, says that while great leads can certainly come from marketing departments, sales reps should also be doing what they can to seek out potential buyers in a more targeted, human way. He cites a study from CSO insights, which points out that nearly half of all successful deals begin with leads that originate in the sales department. "SalesCaddy is a tool that's going to help [sales development reps] in a significant way to research their accounts and make intros with contactability," Goyal says.  

SalesCaddy consists of two components: SocialCaddy and MailCaddy, which can both be implemented as Google Chrome Web browser extensions.

SocialCaddy, Goyal says, is "mutisocial-enabled—meaning that we have adapters to multiple social sites: LinkedIn, Facebook, and Crunchbase." The tool simplifies prospecting by enabling reps to search these networks through one window. Reps can then import the profiles into their CRM system. "If you find a contact that is already in your CRM, SocialCaddy will alert you that this is somebody that you already know, and [you may] enrich existing data." If the contact is new, Goyal notes, SocialCaddy will extract relevant, meaningful data to create a fresh record.

MailCaddy's goal is to make it easier for sales professionals to follow up with contacts over email. The tool uses CRM data to generate a list of probable email accounts and links those addresses to Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, and Office365 email accounts. Paying users can also sign up for an additional service that leverages data providers to come up with 100 percent verifiable email accounts, Goyal says.

Users can tap into their Salesforce accounts to send emails with customized templates. If a customer engages with an email, sales reps are notified that the email address is a working one. Goyal points out that every time a rep sends an email to a prospect, the event is recorded in Salesforce, alongside telephone calls and other history stored there. "It's constantly keeping track of all the communications and keeping the record updated, so that when the sales manager pulls the report at the end of the week or day, he knows how many phone calls or emails were sent.”  This way, teams can keep better track of their contact strategies.

While Goyal notes that Velocify's plan is to expand its CRM footprint, today the solution integrates exclusively with Salesforce.com.

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