True Influence Launches Data-as-a-Service Platform InsightBASE

Today, data-driven technology company True Influence introduced InsightBASE, a new data-as-a-service platform that enables B2B marketers to engage with prospects before they publicly announce their interest. InsightBASE draws upon more than 3 billion intent signals per month, monitoring the online activity of individuals visiting business Web sites from their corporate domains and capturing the content of those Web pages. By comparing the activity level of target companies over time, InsightBASE can identify increased interest in certain keywords.

"If individuals within a target company show a massive increase in interest as reflected in visits to pages about that topic across the entire Internet, that’s very interesting," says Shepherd Smith, vice president of marketing at True Influence. "It helps to understand when a target company is showing a surge in interest. The surges are based on comparing this company… [to itself] over the past year, compiling data so we can show that, relative to their past history, they're showing a surge."

InsightBASE has a number of features designed to benefit marketers. Target Account-Based Display Advertising ensures that when employees at a target organization begin their buying journey through Internet research, relevant contacts receive marketing messages related to that inquiry and are shown banner ads while browsing. In addition, when a company shows increased interest in a specific product type, InsightBASE can automatically trigger marketing campaigns by pushing intent signal data and contact information to marketing automation systems.

"B2B buyers can be between two thirds and 90 percent of the way through their decision-making process before they raise their hand to a vendor," Smith says. "That was the problem InsightBASE was developed to address."

InsightBASE can also be integrated with CRM and marketing automation systems including Oracle Eloqua, Marketo, and Salesforce, enabling marketers to automatically launch campaigns targeting companies that meet specific interest-level criteria. InsightBASE is sold by subscription and provides marketers access to True Influence's large database of B2B contacts.

"The B2B buying journey begins with online research," said Brian Giese, CEO of True Influence, in a statement. "With InsightBASE, marketers now have the entirely new B2B capability of monitoring visits to third-party B2B Web sites. It provides a new view and a new opportunity that marketers never had access to before, and marketers are enjoying improvements of over 400 percent in campaign conversion results."

Smith elaborates on these returns. "When the InsightBASE Relevance Engine identifies a company as showing a spike in interest, InsightBASE sends not only that fact to our customer, but also full contact information for associated individuals within that company. Internal and External testing to date shows email campaigns to InsightBASE-identified individuals generate open and click rates as much as 451 percent higher than identical campaigns to control groups." 

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