TouchCR Integrates with Online Shopping Carts from Amazon, Shopify, and others

TouchCR, provider of a cloud-based e-commerce marketing platform, today announced integrations with the Amazon, Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, and BigCommerce shopping carts, to help retailers tap into consumer activity that extends across online channels in order to better market to customers in real time. Gaining a robust view of customer interactions with product catalogs can equip marketers with the insights they need to craft and send brand messages that lead to increased sales conversions and loyalty, the company says.

According to Al Corona, president and CEO of TouchCR, the vendor’s cloud-based platform, launched in February, aims to help businesses understand their customers "at a deep level," identify their strongest opportunities, and quickly market to valuable buyer segments through email, SMS, or direct mail. "We built [the platform] through the lens of marketers," he says. Thus, they asked, "as a marketer what would I want from an e-commerce standpoint, and from a commerce standpoint overall?" The platform can score customers according to their potential buying value, allowing users to narrow their focus.

TouchCR—which is compatible with Salesforce.com and can customly integrate with other CRM platforms—includes features designed to enable cross-sell and upsell activities, as well as native shopping cart capabilities. The native shopping cart functionality can be beneficial to younger retailers that have yet to establish an online shopping cart. TouchCR offers a solution that supports direct selling on the platform via app, website, or phone, and it supports complex payment mechanisms such as subscription, autopay, payment plans, free trials, and multistep payments.  

But "we found really quickly that most of the companies we were talking to as potential clients, and customers, already had shopping carts that they spent a lot of money on," Corona says. Such companies—typically tallying annual revenues north of $15 million—tend to have many complex processes in place. "They don't really want to migrate that information or build a new shopping cart, so we decided we would focus on connectors, and...accomplish the same thing through a third-party integration."

TouchCR's shopping cart integrations support catalog data and order details, including product descriptions, variants, images, and prices, to give marketers an overview of the customer's interactions across online channels and connected devices. Once integrated, TouchCR can categorize products to further track and group shopping cart items to offer shoppers intelligent suggestions and product recommendations. Marketers can view customer data from abandoned shopping carts and use it to determine how to re-engage buyers with personalized product recommendations, coupons, and reminders that could lead to future sales.

The integrations will prove especially important to a company that has several different data sources, Corona points out. Pulling data from separate locations, analyzing it, and transporting it into dashboards can take as long as two weeks to accomplish, he says. "We're taking that from two weeks to about two hours." And getting the system set up can be done relatively quickly as well, in less than 60 days.

TouchCR's enteprise package is available at a 50-seat minimum at $200 per seat, and integrations are charged separately. Corona estimates that the average cost for a company looking to make best use of the package is around $250,000, when including the Salesforce.com licenses.

In the coming months, TouchCR will release an "IoT for humans" feature, Corona says. "We've taken [Salesforce.com's] IoT machine and...we've built 32 different behaviors that IoT tracks within TouchCR from a human standpoint." If a shopper enters a TouchCR supported atmosphere and has browsed it before, the system automatically determines what state they're in in terms of making a purchase and their level of interest and then drives the system to react to that behavior with a marketing message. And, following this release, it will introduce artificial intelligence capabilities leveraging Salesforce.com's Einstein engine.

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