TouchCR Announces Customized Data Services

TouchCR recently announced that the most distinct marketing data services from its platform will be available in customizable packages, dubbed “customized data services.” With these customized data services, TouchCR aims to enable B2C e-commerce companies to quickly identify their best customers and gain insight into future buying behavior.

“As the consumer evolves and Millennials [and] Generation Z continue to capture the increased focus of retailers and brands alike, the need for these companies to deliver against the expectation of company and product transparency has never been more critical. Personalized, targeted communication is an expectation these consumers want to see more than ever,” says Al Corona, president and CEO at TouchCR. “In order to deliver, companies and brands need to understand their consumer at a very deep level.”

TouchCR aims to enable companies to go beyond the transaction history of customers by adding up to 700 data points, Corona says, including demographic and behavioral data. The goal is to build a specific, deep understanding of consumers. “This deep learning helps companies create micro marketing journeys that connect with consumers in a very personalized way,” he says.

“An understanding of your customer is critical. Moving beyond just personalization based on what page they visited to personalizing based on who they are is critical to maintain relevancy,” adds Ritchie Hale, chief technology innovation officer at TouchCR. “The right message needs to be sent at the right time and it is the combination of behavior- and profile-based personalization that allows this to happen, and the enhanced engagement drives click-through and sales.”

The customized data services offer six key features. The customer data merge and integration feature aims to enable marketers to quickly and easily integrate data from multiple sources into a single platform so that it can be analyzed and made actionable. The customer learning feature includes data enrichment that aims to empower marketers to identify the most valuable customers and gain a deeper understanding of them in real time. Custom dashboards provide real-time business operations and customer engagement tracking with an eye on helping online retailers quickly adjust and adapt in the ever-changing e-commerce environment. Marketing services delivers marketing training in the areas of customer journeys, data management, and sales funnel development and provides marketing campaign execution management. The artificial intelligence feature brings together deep customer data points with predictive technology, with the goal of simplifying marketing efforts and increasing campaign success. And the customer-state management and tracking feature enables marketers to monitor customers across their journeys and execute targeted campaigns driven by data-powered insights.

“Having the data in separate systems does not allow you to bring to together the information to not only provide actionable insight but also the ability to act on that in near real time,” Hale says. “So the key is having all the data in one place, the ability to analyze and understand the data, and the ability to use that data to drive highly personalized and timely communication to the lead or customer.”

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