Totango Announces General Availability and New Features for Spark, Its Customer Success Platform

Totango today announced the general availability and new features of its Spark customer success platform, which aims to make organizations more customer-centered by breaking the customer life cycle into separate goal-focused modules called SuccessBLOCs. The company also announced a strategic partnership with SAP, with an eye on powering digital transformation.

The Spark platform’s SuccessBLOCs include a configurable tool kit of best practices, assets, scorecards, and campaigns, as well as a dashboard for defining and tracking goals and KPIs. The new features for Spark, which was introduced in beta in March 2018, include advanced segment views, account team profiles, and active contacts.

“Spark is innovative because it's the first time that customer success technology has focused on goals. It lets enterprises focus and master each stage of the journey by helping users define and track their goals and KPIs visually in a dashboard,” says Guy Nirpaz founder and CEO at Totango. “Instead of having employees involved in customer success focus on lagging indicators such as retention and revenue, Totango has broken down the customer journey into segments to help them determine where a customer stands at any given time so they can achieve their business outcomes.”

Spark’s new features enable all the teams involved in customer success—account management, support teams, sales operations, product teams, and services organizations—to work solely in Totango and organize their work across customers and teams, helping to break down an organization’s silos, Nirpaz says. Advanced segment views allow users to access list-, timeline-, and task-related information for accounts in a segment at a glance, and create a task or touchpoint quickly and easily. Account team profiles provide a unified view of customer data with an eye on engaging all team members associated with an account. It allows for multiple roles per account to be assigned, and communication to be initiated across the organization regardless of whether or not an individual employee is a Totango user. Active contacts takes a list of contacts that decays over time and rejuvenates it by overlaying usage, engagement, and role information.

“Given that there are many customers that an organization has built relationships with over time, Spark allows teams to quickly and easily surface the most relevant contacts added into Totango. This makes it clear which are the most relevant contacts at a given time and which ones you should work with now,” Nirpaz says.

The new partnership sees the Spark platform integrate with SAP’s C/4HANA suite of products, including its sales, marketing, and service clouds. In so doing, Totango aims to provide enterprises with a path to completing digital transformation.

“SAP is focused on delivering on the value of experience itself, whether it's sales, service, commerce, or the marketing cloud. Our end goal is to ensure our customers’ customers are successful,” says Kevin Harris, senior vice president of global channel and alliances at SAP. “The partnership with Totango helps us focus on the customers and targeting them in a proper way that’s strategic and consistent from a business process perspective. [It] helps us make this process more streamlined instead of just relying on one-off, siloed interactions between employees and customers.”

“Totango and SAP have a clear alignment in vision around the idea of a customer-centered enterprise and the resulting experience for customers,” Nirpaz adds. “We’ve traditionally been focused on customer success at the customer life cycle; from new customer to the entire lifetime of the relationship. We believe that customer success begins right when the sale is closed and continues through the lifetime of the customer. Our vision and approach to customer success complements the set of solutions SAP offers and will help them achieve their goal of keeping pace with their customers’ customers.”

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