• January 14, 2020

Totango Launches Dynamic Assignment

Totango today introduced Dynamic Assignment to help companies leverage a fluid pool of specialists and dynamically allocate people, based on fit, skill, or availability, to engage with customers as needed.

"Dynamic Engagement is a new way to think about aligning human and digital resources to cost-effectively deliver against the promise of technology and service offers," said Phil Nanus, vice president of research and customer success at the Technology Services Industry Association (TSIA), in a statement. "The foundational principle of Dynamic Engagement is to put the right resources at the right point in the customer's journey that will deliver the best possible experience but in the most cost-effective manner."

<p"Enterprises utilizing Totango Spark have transformed their customer success operations from a reactive approach to a proactive and predictive engagement model," said Guy Nirpaz, CEO and founder of Totango, in a statement. "Dynamic Assignment is the next step in this evolution, enabling enterprises to automate the matching of the ideal people at the right time, to deliver a more positive, personalized experience to their customers at scale, which translates into increased value and adoption."

Totango Spark is a goal-oriented, customer success solution that empowers enterprises to achieve digital transformation and accelerate their customer-centered growth strategy by integrating customer-centric best practices. It enables teams to engage at every stage of the customer journey with the right information, goals, and metrics through SuccessBLOCs, a modular framework that disaggregates the customer journey.

With Dynamic Assignment, companies can optimize the internal orchestration of expertise-based criteria, such as technical expertise, industry experience, language, location, availability, and other factors in matching the ideal specialist with customer need.

"Dynamic Assignment will completely transform Bentley's ability to deliver precision personalized engagement, quickly, at scale, and with fewer resources," said David McKenney, senior vice president of digital advancement at Bentley Systems, in a statement. "With Totango, we finally have all the data we need to talk to the user in one place, and with Dynamic Assignment, we can now automate the matching of just the right specialist with our user at the point when they need the most help, giving our users the personalized attention they need to successfully adopt and use our software."

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