• October 22, 2019
  • By Leonard Klie, Editor, CRM magazine and SmartCustomerService.com

Teradata Introduces Vantage Customer Experience and Vantage Analyst

Cloud-based business analytics solutions provider Teradata today introduced Vantage Customer Experience (CX) to help companies deliver relevant, personalized experiences in real time, across all interactions, and Vantage Analyst, a set of capabilities for machine learning and advanced analytics at enterprise scale, in the cloud.

Vantage CX, which is currently in limited availability and due for wider roll-out early next year, offers a unified view of the customer, advanced analytics, and orchestrated messages across marketing and customer engagement systems.

With Vantage CX, the advanced analytics available include Path, for understanding the customer journey; Text, for sentiment analysis; Cluster, for hyper-segmentation; and Machine Learning, to optimize the next-best offer. Data insights are actionable by selecting customers from a variety of visualizations. Teradata's previous capabilities around Customer Interaction Management and Real-Time Interaction Manager have also been modernized for the cloud and deployed as one fully integrated application.

"Delivering optimized experiences, at the speed customers expect, is a top priority for CMOs across every industry. But with the ever-increasing complexity of a fractured digital landscape—proliferating martech stacks, new customer data sources, multiple customer touchpoints—this has become progressively challenging," said Martyn Etherington, chief marketing officer at Teradata, in a statement. "Vantage CX addresses this by putting more data, powerful analytics, and the ability to take timely action in the hands of marketers."

Vantage Analyst, meanwhile, provides an integrated data and analytics environment that delivers cross-functional analytics at scale. It enables rapid self-service discovery and machine learning across multiple data sources and types. Vantage Analyst also visualizes hidden associations and patterns in the data and enables quick iteration and hypotheses testing.

Key features of Vantage Analyst include the following:

  • Path, to discover actionable insights in a series of behaviors or events;
  • Text, to discover patterns and trends in text-based data; ?
  • Cluster, to segment customers based on characteristics; ?
  • Lab, a self-service environment for exploration and experimentation of new data and analytics;
  • Model, to help users build, train, and evaluate predictive models to maximize business value; and
  • Workflow, to help users automate analytic workflows to create repeatable and operationalized process.

"As our customers look to increase their speed-to-value through faster and improved business processes powered by analytic insights, the demand for business analysts with expanded skill sets in data science and advanced analytics will continue to increase," said Reema Poddar, chief product officer at Teradata, in a statement. "Currently, business analysts lack the tools needed for self-service data loading, discovery, machine learning, and other advanced analytics. Teradata, the only company to fill this gap, now offers Vantage Analyst in the cloud to make it simple for business analysts to perform guided data science analytics without having to write a single line of code."

Teradata is also increasing the cloud availability of its products on a number of platforms. Early next year, for example, it will expand its public cloud offerings to include Google Cloud Platform (GCP). With this addition, Teradata's as-a-service capabilities will be available across Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud.

"Our mission is to help customers supercharge their information and enable them to achieve their digital transformation goals," said Kevin Ichhpurani, corporate vice president of global ecosystem at Google Cloud, in a statement. "Teradata customers want to get as much value out of their data as possible, so we are delighted to partner with Teradata to connect them to Google Cloud to reduce infrastructure costs, enhance cloud security, and scale seamlessly. Google and Teradata will work together to tightly integrate Google Cloud services like AI and Google Cloud Storage into Vantage to bring advanced capabilities to our joint customers."

Teradata is also adding native support for low-cost storage via Amazon S3, Azure Blob, and eventually, Google Cloud Storage. Low-cost storage is used for capturing and retaining all data at raw fidelity from each source, such as equipment sensors, internet clickstreams, customer service calls, social media accounts, and more. Native access to low-cost object stores is in private preview now, with general availability planned in the first half of 2020.

Teradata also today introduced a Hadoop Migration Program. This program includes services for each stage of the transition, such as a platform assessment service that evaluates current Hadoop environments; a planning service that recommends technology solutions and architecture; and an implementation service that migrates data, schema, pipelines, and applications to Vantage and other technologies, including cloud object stores.

"Teradata is absolutely committed to providing the best enterprise analytic capabilities in the cloud with Vantage software," said Ashish Yajnik, vice president of product management at Teradata, in a statement. "We enable companies to start small and elastically scale resources only when needed, and then pay only for what they use. Adding Google Cloud Platform to the global footprint already offered by Teradata will provide customers with unrivaled choice and flexibility with how and where they use Teradata Vantage. Plus, with native support for low-cost storage as well as a Hadoop Migration Program, organizations will be able to access and query all of their data, regardless of where it is, to get an unrivaled view of virtually every aspect of their businesses."

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