• May 5, 2021

Teradata Expands Data Analytics on Google Cloud

Teradata, providers of a connected multicloud data platform for enterprise analytics, has enhanced Teradata Vantage on Google Cloud.

Now, users who want to modernize their data analytic ecosystem by migrating workloads and capabilities into Google Cloud can use Teradata Vantage with their preferred Google Cloud tools and services. Such capabilities enable customers to perform enterprise analytics on all available data, whether in Vantage, Google Cloud Storage, Dataproc, or other data stores.

"Organizations want access to all of their data, regardless of where it lives, and must analyze and visualize data using cloud services across a consistent data platform. At Teradata, we offer data freedom to our customers so they can use Vantage to enable the apps and services they are building with their favorite Google Cloud capabilities in their DevOps workflows," said Barry Russell, senior vice president of business development and general manager of cloud at Teradata, in a statement. "We continue to prioritize cloud-first development across the entire company. Since launching our Google Cloud offering last year, we have been helping numerous customers around the globe migrate and modernize their cloud data warehouses."

Teradata Vantage now includes first-party services integration with Dataflow, a stream/batch data processing service. This augments integration and interoperability of Vantage with more than a dozen other Google Cloud services, including the following:

  • AI Platform;
  • Google Cloud Data Fusion;
  • Google Cloud Data Loss Prevention;
  • Google Cloud Dataflow;
  • Google Cloud Dataproc;
  • Google Cloud Datastore;
  • Google Cloud Functions;
  • Google Cloud Interconnect;
  • Google Cloud Key Management Service;
  • Google Cloud Marketplace;
  • Google Cloud Pub/Sub;
  • Google Cloud Storage; and
  • Looker.

Additionally, with the latest release of Teradata QueryGrid, Vantage customers can connect to, join, and seamlessly run queries on data stored in Google Cloud Storage through Google Cloud Dataproc as well as in Google BigQuery via Starburst Enterprise Presto.

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