Swrve Introduces In-App Conversation Features

Swrve, provider of a mobile engagement platform, today added functionality to its Conversations feature that will help marketers more efficiently connect with customers via mobile applications. According to Alan Tam, senior director of product marketing at Swrve, the enhancements will simplify and accelerate for marketers the process of building "meaningful, contextual engagement points at the right mobile moments."

Swrve's cloud-based marketing platform includes tools designed to help enterprises drive customer engagement in their mobile applications. The platform enables data orchestration, predictive modeling, and A/B testing and aims to sharpen the quality of audience targeting and segmentation, push-notifications and in-app messaging.

Swrve integrates with enterprise marketing and CRM systems, Tam points out, allowing companies to leverage first- and third-party data to create "meaningful focal points of interaction." Based on these recorded interactions, "all the behavioral data that's going on within the app can also be funnelled back, so [companies] can improve and further optimize [their other] marketing channels." If done properly, the process can increase campaign ROI in other channels (such as email and the Web), while enabling greater visibility into the activity of mobile users.  

The Conversations function, added to Swrve's platform late last year, allows companies to craft messages within the app and contact customers with enticing options in "real time." Users can leverage templates to reach customers with photos, videos, surveys, announcements, promotions, and more.

"We're at an inflection point in the market, where it's no longer about just being able to broadcast a message, which was what the first release of conversations was focused on," Tam says. "The second release is really [about] distilling that conversation, optimizing for the user experience."

Newly added today are interactive messages and measured responses; simplified user training options and video tutorials; templates that enable immediate customer feedback and surveys; templates designed to drive access permission settings opt-ins; and cross-promotional calls to action.

According to Tam, personalizing native permission settings to highlight the value of opting into agreements has been effective in increasing in-app engagement. "We've seen an increase of over 200 percent of [customers] turning on those opt-in communications, from push notifications, to messaging, to contacts, and camera," Tam says.

Tam also highlights the value of "real-time" surveys: "One of the greatest challenges of feedback in the mobile-centric world is that it's often delayed, and because it's delayed, it's not meaningful. The industry average for email customer surveys is less than 1 percent."

RyanAir, a client of Swrve's, has already seen benefits from the survey capabilities, Tam notes. Via its app, the airline pushes out a survey to users as soon as their flight lands at its destination. The survey asks participants to rate their experience using one of three emojis. Since implementing the new capabilities, response rates have risen from .07 percent to upwards of 60 percent, indicating that 89 percent of them were satisfied with the flight.

Dara Brady, head of digital at Ryanair, said in a statement that Swrve's Conversations helps the airline remain "adaptive to customer preferences":

"Conversations enables us to target our customers, and allows us interact with them in ways that are appealing and convenient for them. Mobile is a key element in travel today and we're engaging travelers where they want to spend their time—on mobile. Being adaptive to customer preferences is part of what sets RyanAir apart and keeps that satisfaction rating so high."

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