• November 14, 2014
  • By Leonard Klie, Editor, CRM magazine and SmartCustomerService.com

Support.com Adds Guided Paths Functionality to Nexus

Support.com, a provider of cloud-based software and services for technology support, today unveiled new functionality in its flagship Nexus Service Delivery Platform.

Nexus now features unique guided path functionality and combines it with agent interaction data, device data, and process detail, providing deeper insights that allow contact center managers to optimize support interactions.

"It's about bringing the right knowledge to the agent at the right time, but also about the diagnostics, analytics, and processes to optimize the interaction," says Sampath Gomatam, senior vice president of product at Support.com. "It helps bring that balance between customer satisfaction and agent efficiency."

Guided Paths gives agents step-by-step guidance and automated tools to direct them through support interactions. A visual drag-and-drop path designer enables contact center personnel to create and edit guided paths that can include remote diagnostics, automation, and multimedia content. The agent navigator tool enables agents to find the right guided path for specific problems. Afterward, a feedback loop allows them to provide feedback on the effectiveness of the paths, and approved designers can publish changes and optimizations at the push of a button.

Nexus also now provides analytics and reporting on processes, agents, and products, to increase agent productivity and enhance customer satisfaction during support interactions. With interaction tracking, Nexus tracks every step during the support interaction. With data capture, Nexus captures specific product and device information, such as operating system, installed applications, battery life, memory configurations, and more to help agents diagnose problems. Performance analysis dashboards allow managers to analyze agent performance, view granular interaction detail, and optimize paths and processes for ongoing improvement.

Also new are mobile capabilities that make live support of smartphones and tablets easier. A remote connection feature enables Nexus to provide remote connect tools and automated support for mobile phones and tablets on multiple platforms. Native iOS and Android applications are available in the Apple App Store and Google Play. Remote configuration enables agents to remotely configure Wi-Fi networks, set up email accounts, review and uninstall apps, push URLs, and more.

"Companies have optimized the heck out of the precall processes, but then don't know what is happening during the agent interactions," Gomatam says. "Nexus optimizes the contact center around the agent interactions. It will help make all your agents as effective as the best agents you have."

All of these features are built on the latest technology stacks to ensure flexibility and scalability and a set of open APIs that allow Nexus to be integrated into the contact center software ecosystem. Nexus integrates with leading CRM solutions as well as home automation device platforms, such as Icontrol Networks.

Nexus, according to Gomatam, is a commercial product that is an extension of internal systems that Support.com has been running for years to power roughly 20,000 customer interactions per day for its clients.

According to Gomatam, Nexus has already become an essential component for customers in the connected home/Internet of Things space, as well as for providers of mobile device support, warranty services, and onboarding.

"We're getting a lot of traction in the market for the Nexus product," he says. "It's a solution to an unmet need and has the opportunity to disrupt the [technical support] industry."

Support.com last updated its Nexus product last year, giving it expanded support for mobile devices, tech workflow tools, and interactive dashboards. "This time, we decided to focus on and drill down to the agent interaction," Gomatam says.

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