SessionM Announces Unified Salesforce Integration

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SessionM today announced a unified integration with Salesforce’s Marketing, Commerce, and Service Clouds, available via Salesforce AppExchange. The unified integration aims to help users deliver personalized experiences to customers throughout their journeys.

“We’ve been doing a lot of one-off integrations with customers, but now we have this very simple way across three different Salesforce cloud components to unify and bring together this execution,” says Scott Weller, cofounder and chief technology officer of SessionM. “What’s unique here is that we’ve gone from what a lot of companies do, which is engaging their customers and doing heavy professional services engagement, to something that’s highly automated and available out of the box.”

SessionM analyzes data from the Marketing, Commerce, and Service Clouds and enhances it via machine learning and predictive analytics based on behavioral and transactional data. It provides a unified customer view—available throughout the Salesforce ecosystem—that includes loyalty metrics such as customer lifetime value, recommended offers, and program status.

The integration aims to solve the problems that arise when data is kept in silos, which ultimately creates “a lot friction in customer experience,” Weller says. “Through this unified approach, out of the box we get great synchronization of data across these cloud components; we get great visibility into the value of the customer that we’re engaging and the metrics and analytics around the customer,” he says. “We get the ability to rapidly activate other Salesforce components like Einstein analytics…and then we get full attribution of the life cycle of the customer across these different cloud components—we can ultimately see how do service engagements affect loyalty, how is loyalty affected through how we engage via e-commerce versus point of sale, and how is marketing influencing loyalty. We get uniform visibility around attribution.

“There are a lot of challenges for brands in CRM or in other components of the marketing funnel around getting full attribution and what’s truly happening with their customers,” he adds. “Through this, we’re simplifying that life cycle across Marketing Cloud, Commerce Cloud, and Service Cloud.”

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