Salesforce.com Announces Salesforce Inbox Calendar

Salesforce.com today announced Salesforce Inbox Calendar, an intelligent calendar that assists salespeople by surfacing relevant Salesforce records on every appointment, providing reps with necessary context for meetings without requiring them to search through disconnected applications. The Calendar is an extension of Salesforce Inbox, an intelligent email app that enhances the user's inbox with CRM capabilities. 

Salesforce Inbox Calendar functions by intelligently mapping relevant Salesforce data to salespeople's meeting invites. The solution also integrates with the Salesforce1 marketing app, enabling sales reps to update existing records and review past communications directly from their mobile calendars.

"The vision of [Salesforce] Inbox was to integrate the core workflows of every sales rep—namely their email, their calendar, and their CRM—into one application," says Stephen Ehikian, GM of SalesforceIQ at Salesforce.com. "The Calendar itself was a part of the vision, but also leveraged the fact that we bought a very intelligent calendar company last year, Tempo AI. It was a productivity app, and for the first time we're integrating it into a Salesforce product."

Salesforce Inbox Calendar includes four key capabilities. First, the solution provides relevant customer data from Salesforce for every calendar invite, including information such as past communications and opportunity data associated with meeting attendees.

Second, the solution features Lightning Sync integration, which enables sales reps to automatically sync every calendar event with leads and contacts in the Salesforce Sales Cloud, ensuring that updates are recorded in real time. This capability is designed to save time for salespeople, particularly on administrative tasks.

Third, the solution features one-click conference calling, which integrates with services such as Google Hangouts, GoToMeeting, and WebEx. This capability can be particularly useful for sales reps on the go, enabling them to conference in without having to switch screens to enter conference numbers and passcodes.

Finally, the solution boasts smarter workflows with its Meeting Notes and Quick Record Creation features. Meeting Notes allows salespeople to easily log meetings and attach notes directly to their Salesforce accounts directly from their calendars; Quick Record Creation enables them to create opportunities directly from their calendars.

 "When we looked at sales reps, on average they can leverage up to fifteen different data sources in order to close a deal, and those different data sources—like social media, calendar, your CRM information—all lived in silos, and none of them integrated into where reps predominantly spend their time, namely, email and calendar," Ehikian says.

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