Salesforce.com Announces New Einstein Platform Services

Salesforce today announced new Einstein Platform Services for translation and optical character recognition.

Einstein Platform Services provide machine learning capabilities such as image recognition, sentiment, and intent. With just a single line of code, developers can bring these services into any Salesforce page or build a reusable AI-powered Lightning Web Component that admins can easily deploy to end users.

With the new translation capability, developers and admins can set up automatic language translation for any Salesforce object or field. For example, they can use it to translate inbound customer queries to match them with the native language of a service agent.

The new optical character recognition capability uses computer vision to analyze documents and extract relevant information. For example, a developer can build the capability into a Lightning Web Component, enabling a sales rep to upload a prospect’s business card so that the unstructured data from the image can be automatically analyzed, translated into text, and updated in the corresponding Salesforce record.

“Traditionally, implementing custom artificial intelligence has been very difficult,” says Marco Casalaina, vice president of products for Salesforce Einstein. “We believe that by adding these capabilities to Salesforce, [which] are easy to use and are largely point-and-click or low-code, we can enable Trailblazers—Salesforce administrators and developers—to do things that today would require very high-priced data scientists.”

Casalaina notes that these features can be found in stand-alone apps that often involve more time and labor. “If you look at the AppExchange today, let’s take translation, for example, you’ll find a whole bunch of translation applications that are available on the AppExchange today, but all of them have to take the data and write a bunch of code to authenticate to a third-party service, call that third-party service, do the translation, and bring the thing back,” he says. “With these new AI tools, developers don’t have to do that. Translation, for example, is a one-line operation…and the data never leaves the Salesforce trusted cloud.”

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