Reltio Announces Support for Salesforce Customer 360 and the Open Data Initiative

Data management provider Reltio today announced support for Salesforce Customer 360 as well as Adobe, Microsoft, and SAP’s Open Data Initiative. Reltio aims to enhance both by continuously unifying and organizing data while making it universally accessible.

On the Salesforce side, Reltio will bring together information from Customer 360 with the profiles users already have within Reltio. “What Salesforce has announced with the Salesforce ID is great because now there will be an additional unifying customer identifier that ties together all of Salesforce’s applications, and we can leverage that on behalf of our customers and store that Salesforce ID against the customer profile that they’ve already created,” explains Ramon Chen, chief product officer at Reltio. “[This gives [users] quick and ready access to the unified information that Salesforce is pulling together…[bringing together] all of that aggregated data that Salesforce is going to be pulling together and tying it back to the framework that’s already in place for our existing customers.”

As for the Open Data Initiative, Reltio aims to simplify the process of connecting the dots between information. Chen says that the initiative’s data model consists of more than 50 data sources that includes customer, organization, location, and site data, among other types. Reltio’s role would be to help pull together all of those data types to form “a complete relationship view.”

“The way that it’s being deployed or reflected is that it would be implemented in an Azure data lake, but…data lakes that don’t have continuous data quality turn into swamps because the data becomes stale very rapidly,” Chen says. “And, if you don’t have some form of structure between each of these elements—people, products, places, suppliers, organizations—there’s a lot of stitching together that still has to be done, and data scientists can’t really be effective bringing insights when they’re spending most of their time trying to hardwire together all of these pieces of information. Reltio organizes all of that data for customers.”

Going forward, Chen expects more alliances between industry heavyweights to be formed and adds that Reltio will strive to assist all parties. “There are going to be more syndicates formed and more alliances formed, and we just want to give our customers and anybody else the best of all worlds and for them to be able to choose,” he says.

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