• March 23, 2012
  • By Leonard Klie, Editor, CRM magazine and SmartCustomerService.com

Reachable Builds Out Its Contact Management Product

Reachable today reintroduced its flagship product, previously known as PeopleMaps, now named after the company itself.

Reachable, as the solution's being called, gives sales professionals new opportunities for success by uncovering connections and relationships from their extended networks of professional and personal contacts, all in real time. Reachable consolidates contacts from social and professional networking sites, email clients, and other public data sources, and then adds new contacts from its database of 65 million professionals to uncover new connection paths to almost any other professional or company. It then distills the thousands of possible connections into the strongest and most direct paths.

"We bring in dozens of data sources that give an indication of the connections you have," explains Al Campa, CEO of Reachable. "We can see where you worked, who you worked with, and people you know. We find connections, and that finds a path of introduction you may not know you had."

And all the data that the company has is from public sources, including profiles on social sites like LinkedIn and Facebook, public directories, and more. "We can grab a lot of public data about anyone. They might not like that it's public, but it's out there," Campa says.

Using the data that Reachable provides, a salesman can better prospect in new geographies, verticals, or even companies, leveraging past associations to get a foot in the door, Campa explains. And,the company can rank the strength of new leads based on the connections a salesperson already has.

Managers can also use Reachabe to help assigning salespeople to specific accounts or territories. "As a manager, you can see who on your team has the best contacts, and you can allocate each account to the person with the best relationships, who can get the best foot in the door," Campa says.

"Networking in the digital age is more advanced, more extensive, and moving faster than ever before. By harnessing the power of networking, Reachable is reshaping the sales landscape," Campa says.

Reachable is tightly integrated with popular CRM systems like Oracle CRM OnDemand and Salesforce.com. The solution is also works for recruiters, human resource personnel, and other networkers intent on building new professional relationships.

Campa was quick to point out that his company does not share its data with third parties, and as soon as a customer closes his account with the company, all his contact data and profile information is promptly deleted from the database.

Users pay a monthly subscription of $49 per month for unlimited access to the Reachable database. 

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