• December 19, 2014
  • By Leonard Klie, Editor, CRM magazine and SmartCustomerService.com

Radish Releases ChoiceView for iOS8

Radish Systems, a mobile enterprise software and professional services company, Thursday released the ChoiceView mobile app for iOS 8 with support for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

The ChoiceView cloud-based platform offers multimodal unified communications, allowing businesses and callers to exchange visual information and secure data during phone calls or chat sessions.

"Like everyone else, Apple required us to move to iOS8," says Richard Davis, chief technology officer at Radish Systems. But, he says, that wasn't necessarily a bad thing. With its bigger display, the iPhone6 "is that much better for our ChoiceView platform," he says.

The larger screen sizes of the iPhone 6 devices make them ideal for sharing visual information, such as native files, screenshots, photos, graphics, and videos, he explains. Any information received can be stored locally on the device and retrieved later without requiring an Internet connection. With data that is sent, the app preserves the native documents and document formats.

Also with the new version, Radish Systems added support for international calling and performance enhancements that make the voice interactions even faster, Davis adds.

"I really like ChoiceView on iOS8," he says emphatically. "It's a much sleeker kind of service now."

ChoiceView also works on Android devices, and, in January, Radish Systems will announce support for several other platforms and operating systems.

The app is totally compatible with existing business systems, phone networks, and any associated phones, including landlines. The app works with both voice-centric and Web-centric visual IVRs. The data and voice portions of the interactions work separately, so even if the data portion of the exchange fails, the caller and the agent can still continue with the voice portion of the call.

"There's a huge opportunity for businesses to upgrade their voice-only contact centers with ChoiceView," Davis says. Currently, "agents on one end are stuck having to discuss complex details when they could send an image or video."

ChoiceView, he adds, "has very broad applicability," particularly in the healthcare, insurance, and technology verticals. Other use cases include mobile commerce, employee communications, and enhanced customer support. In healthcare, for example, nurse coaches can talk with patients while instantly sharing complex medical information. In retail, customers can talk and see product information, receive order status, and make purchases, all on the same platform.

"Any interaction that starts with a phone call and relies on complex data to be shared can be made quicker and more efficient with ChoiceView," Davis says.

In one healthcare pilot, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act-compliant technology increased comprehension, problem solving, and recall on support calls by as much as 600 percent, helping callers resolve inquiries faster and with more clarity, according to a company statement.

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