Pipeliner CRM Releases Automata to Keep Salespeople on Track

This week, Pipeliner CRM released the Automata version of its CRM platform, which aims to give sales reps direction in a increasingly complex business landscape. 

A cloud-based solution, Pipeliner CRM's platform is designed to help sales organizations get a better grasp on their daily processes so that they can zero in on their most pressing tasks and decrease the amount of time it takes to close on prospects. According to Nikolaus Kimla, Pipeliner CRM's CEO, the goal "is to put salespeople first... with a CRM system that empowers them and they enjoy using."

Central to the Automata is Navigator, which draws from different data sources to offer reps and managers actionable insights on one screen. The technology consists of five components:

  • Activity Stream—a list of activities, tasks, and opportunities offered up in the order of deadlines.
  • Target Overview—a trend graph that allows users to monitor their progress by viewing their performance in different metrics over a specific period of time. It also projects where a salesperson is likely to be in the future by factoring in the current state of their opportunities and due dates.
  • Notifications—updates that provide a closer look at tasks, missed close dates, and issues pertaining to their pipeline velocity.
  • Suggestions—a section that lists cold or inactive accounts, new or inactive leads, stuck opportunities, and others, and helps users determine which prospects they should focus on.
  • Business Overview—a graphical display that sheds light on open opportunities, open sums, won sums, and lost sums.

Also included in Automata:

  • Forecast Reports—a feature that enables sales managers to set forecasts for each member of their sales team and track their achievements throughout a sales period. It is customizable according to profiles, and can be shared among team members.
  • Dynamic Dropdowns—user-defined menus that relate to one another dynamically. For instance, if a user chooses a particular sales territory, another menu will lead to a list of the reps working that territory.
  • User Rights Management—a feature that allows administrators to specify access rights according to each person's role within an organization.

Kimla said in a statement:

"Now a sales professional or indeed any user of Pipeliner can start their day with the Navigator screen, where they will immediately be shown where they need to focus and what they need to address. This is a huge step forward in efficiency, effectiveness, and time management, which will quickly translate into more time spent selling and growing pipelines." 

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