Pipeliner CRM Launches Principia to Encourage Sales Team Efficiency

Pipeliner CRM today released Principia, version 8.0 of its CRM platform for sales professionals.

According to Nikolaus Kimla, CEO of Pipeliner CRM, the "selling system" presents functions that allow reps to more efficiently tackle various sales-related tasks with the aid of gamification and visual tools. "We are introducing features that salespeople have always wanted but never had," Kimla says.

Principia improves on the company's most recent release, Phaenomena, primarily by extending the amount of possible actions within each individual step in a sales process. The activities checklist aims to help reps more efficiently complete sales-related assignments by attaching to each one a menu of smaller tasks to complete before a badge is granted. The task board function enables reps to better organize their dealings—making calls, sending emails, attending meetings—in a set of columns that can be toggled through or arranged at will. It also allows salespeople to drag and drop each task into columns labeled according to the progress they've made on them, and to automatically record and store account contact information, linking it to any publicly available information, including social media handles, addresses, or job titles. Improved report capabilities allow reps to make better sense of the value of opportunities by digging deeper into the data attached to each one and sharing the findings with teammates. Built into the latest edition is also a customer support center, through which users can report problems or seek help.

In line with the company's recent product releases, today's upgrades highlight Pipeliner CRM's effort to distinguish itself as a visual platform that's easy to navigate and can be used to make sales processes more consistent across an organization. "What makes us different from other major vendors is the visual aspects," Kimla says.

While Kimla asserts that the solution has been tailored to address the feedback of "hundreds of users," he was not able to comment on the results seen by beta-testers. The company's "sweet spot" in terms of target customers are midsized businesses of up to 200 personnel, Kimla says.

Principia is available today for $420 per user per seat annually.

Pipeliner CRM will launch another updated version of the platform in October; the next iteration will introduce improvements in opportunities, team performances, and scoring capabilities, Kimla says.

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