• February 13, 2015
  • By Leonard Klie, Editor, CRM magazine and SmartCustomerService.com

OpinionLab Brings Voice of the Customer to Life with Winter 2015 Release

OpinionLab has unveiled its Winter 2015 release, with new features that let users do more with the voice of the customer feedback that they collect.

The Winter 2015 release enables companies to make sense of unstructured customer feedback that comes in via multiple text channels, including in-store surveys, mobile apps, the Web, social media, and email. With that information, companies can then align their organizations around that feedback and ultimately tailor their omnichannel experiences to what customers want and expect.

Users can "quickly identify themes, click through them for more insight, understand them, and take immediate action," says Rick Blair, chief information officer at OpinionLab.

That, Blair says, "is a huge advantage for our customers," which largely include firms in the financial services, retail, and healthcare verticals.

"They're all faced with similar problems: how to listen to their customers and take action on it."

To that end, the Winter 2015 release focused on making customer feedback more accessible, engaging, and actionable. These three elements, Blair says, "are critical, and the Winter 2015 release brings in capabilities to help us deliver on them for our customers."

Key innovations in the Winter 2015 Release include the following: 

  • Comment Themes: With Themes, companies can rapidly make sense of large amounts of unstructured customer data. Themes visually group comments by subject matter to identity relevant sentiment clusters and pinpoint what customers are talking about most. Companies can drill down into granular context to diagnose issues and discover opportunities to take immediate action.
  • Comment Mosaic: This helps companies tell their voice of the customer story within their organizations. Comment Mosaic creates a dynamic and motion-driven matrix of segmented feedback snapshots, highlighting sentiment, ratings, and comments in real time.
  • Real-time Peer Benchmarks: Companies can instantly compare task-specific performance (e.g., shopping cart or product page) versus aggregate, real-time data from peers to pinpoint moments of perceived brilliance or failure in their customer journeys and prioritize actions.

When additional detail is needed, the software can display the verbatim customer comments to provide even greater context.

Though OpinionLabs does offer software that allows customers to share photos and audio files with businesses, this particular software is text-based and does not bring in phone-based voice files. Blair says it is still very robust, though. "From an omnichannel/multichannel standpoint, you can deploy it in many different places and give customers the ability to communicate their opinions in a variety of channels," he says.

Blair says context is the most important element of any customer feedback. "You need to know the context before you can take any action," he states. "If customers are having problems finding an item, you need to know which store it's happening at before you can fix it."

With the new release, users "get the ability to understand what is going on and what actions they need to take to address it," Blair says. "They can drill straight into the insight to see where to take direct action."

If it's used right, "nothing is more engaging than the true voice of the customer," he states.

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