Openprise Announces New GDPR Compliance Features

Openprise, a provider of data orchestration solutions for marketing and sales, today announced that the latest version of its Data Orchestration Platform features new capabilities for General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance.

The GDPR will take effect in May 2018 and aims to bolster data protection within the European Union (EU) as well as address the export of data outside the EU. It will affect all companies with EU prospects or customer data in their marketing and sales systems, even if those companies do not have offices or employees in the EU.

The latest version of the Openprise Data Orchestration Platform empowers companies with three key capabilities aimed at maintaining GDPR compliance:

  • Control the flow of EU data out of the company with data filters and permission roles. The platform aims to ensure that EU data is not accidentally processed by third-party data providers, and it regulates the flow of EU data to agencies and other partners.
  • Identify leads and contacts that are subject to the GDPR, even if they are missing a valid country field value. The platform can flag potential EU records based on information such as email address, IP address, and phone number, as well as manage country field values to ensure that typos do not inadvertently lead to EU data being sent out. Furthermore, the platform can identify potential EU data based on any custom field in marketing and sales automation solutions.
  • Maintain reporting on all data processing activities inside Openprise and across third parties. The platform provides audit trails that show what has been done to every record as well as log records that indicate which records have been processed by partners.

"What's so critical about GDPR is that it affects companies everywhere in the world, whether they have a presence in the EU or not, and unlike many other regulations, this one has teeth,” says Allen Pogorzelski, vice president of marketing at Openprise. “If you've got EU citizen data in your databases, you're subject to GDPR regulations. U.S. companies that ignore these regulations do so at their own peril."

"We've seen Openprise customers specifically asking us about how they can continue to work with third-party data providers while remaining in compliance. The controls, reporting, and data processing capabilities we already had in place were easy to build on to quickly accommodate these requests from our customers to help them maintain GDPR compliance."

The Openprise Data Orchestration Platform offers data-driven capabilities in marketing (segmenting leads by job function, level, industry, buyer persona), sales (automatically matching leads to accounts for lead routing and reporting), and support (synching help desk users with CRM contacts), as well as a number of other features under the umbrella of “anything,” including on-boarding data from third-party providers and cleaning data in real time.

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