SAP Adds Machine Learning to the SAP Hybris Marketing Cloud

SAP today upgraded its Hybris Marketing Cloud offering with new features, including machine learning technologies for facial recognition and the Internet of Things (IoT), to help businesses reach their customers with relevant campaigns that drive commerce while adhering to data privacy expectations and standards.

SAP Hybris solutions provides customer engagement and commerce software to give companies a real-time view of their customers. With customer data management, context-driven marketing tools, and unified commerce processes, SAP Hybris can aid companies that hope to gain customers, keep their customers, and grow their profits, the company says.

The SAP Hybris Marketing Cloud, which aims to help organizations target their customers more efficiently while staying on budget, now includes the following:

  • A “digital boardroom” for CMOs. Using functionality from the SAP Digital Boardroom, the executive dashboard gives marketing leaders a view into reports detailing the successes and failures of their campaigns, as well as insights into any emerging complications they can expect. Additionally, the analytics can help users identify opportunities for growth within their markets.

  • Machine learning–enabled facial analysis. A recent addition to the SAP Leonardo “digital innovation system,” this function can be used within retail environments. A company can apply the facial analysis software to determine a shopper’s age and gender, for instance, then match them with recommendations for inventory that the store has in stock and project the items onto dressing room monitors.

  • Embedded customer attribution. The SAP Hybris Customer Attribution tool—known as Abakus before SAP acquired the company in December of last year—can provide marketers with measurements for their campaigns, showing them which actions led to purchases. It collects data from various customer touch points, and its goal is to help companies determine where they should focus their attention in real time.

  • IoT for marketing campaigns. Companies that offer internet-connected devices can configure specific activities and milestones to trigger specific messages. For example, a fitness tracker that logs a certain amount of steps can send that person a congratulations note via email alongside offers for additional products or services.

  • Support for the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This is an addition that ensures that companies, while carrying out their campaigns, comply with the global privacy regulations that will go into effect in May of 2018.

  • Integration with WeChat. Support for the social media app lets marketers reach a Chinese user base that tallies more than 889 million users.

Volker Hildenbrand, global vice president at SAP Hybris, wrote about the new features in a blog post yesterday:

“It’s clear that while machine learning has been buzzing in all our ears in 2017, it will continue to in 2018—and beyond. There are real use cases to be explored, especially when it comes to transforming customer engagement. At SAP Hybris, we have unique access to the most important customer and product data across the front office. Armed with this robust customer insight, we’re able to offer an application-led approach for intelligent scenarios.”

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