Nimble Launches Smart Contacts Add-In for Microsoft Edge

Nimble today launched its Smart Contacts Add-In for Microsoft Edge, bringing Nimble’s social business insights capabilities to Microsoft Edge and enabling users to make and manage connections from within the browser.

“It’s getting harder and harder to remember who it is you’ve spoken to, or to do the research necessary to understand who somebody is and what their business is about whenever you’re engaging with them,” says Jon Ferrara, founder and CEO of Nimble. “If you have to Google somebody before a meeting or go to your contacts or your CRM to look [that person] up, you won’t do it. That’s what Nimble solves, [and] this plug-in for Edge gives you all the contact and company information you need to be effective at engagement wherever you engage.”

Nimble offers four key features under the umbrella of social business insights: (1) social profile matching and enrichment, which matches social profiles for contacts and companies and automatically enriches them with additional business and social details; (2) business insights on people and companies, delivering instant insights on people and companies by automatically building live profiles with details such as who they are, where they were, where they’re from, number of company employees, year founded, revenue, industry, CEO, location, social profiles, and contact info; (3) prospect segmenting, enabling users to identify the best prospects to tag for follow-up or engage with actions such as group email messages; and (4) social prospecting, which provides contexts and insights designed to promote smarter prospecting.

Nimble’s Edge plug-in enables users to unify their contacts with their communications and activities across platforms, including social media, Ferrara says.

“Today, you have your email, your contacts, and your calendar in either Office 365, Gmail G Suite, iCloud, or all of the above. So how do you manage your contacts when contact management is broken, because in all those platforms, email, contacts, and calendar are separate,” he says. “The plug-in for Edge helps you to use that wherever you’re engaging, so if you’re in your email inbox, if you’re in Twitter or LinkedIn, if you’re in a Forbes article, all you have to do is Nimble them: You turn the Nimble plug-in on in Edge, and it knows that you looking at, [for example], Jon Ferrara’s Twitter account, or his LinkedIn, or, if you hover on the name in a Forbes article, it will automatically build a record for that person.” 

Nimble offers plug-ins for Chrome, Safari, and Firefox, in addition to Edge.  

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