Nimble Launches Mobile CRM 3.0

Nimble today launched Nimble Mobile CRM 3.0, the latest version of its mobile contact relationship and pipeline manager, designed to make it easier for users to surface business conversations and context from smartphones or other mobile devices. Now available for iOS, it will also be released for Office 365 and G-Suite users on Android this spring.

“I think the biggest cause of failure in CRM is lack of use. Sales reps don’t use it because they have to go to it to use it and it’s too much work to do it,” says Jon Ferrara, CEO of Nimble. “And I think that Nimble is the first CRM that works for you by building itself and then works with you wherever you’re working which increases the possibility, the probability of your sales reps using it.”

Nimble Mobile CRM 3.0 aims to serve as users’ “personal golden rolodex” to bring with them wherever they go. It enables them to access information such as historical email, Twitter conversations, and social insights about the people they’re meeting directly from their email, calendar, contacts, and social apps, as well as anywhere the iOS Share Menu is supported. Contact data sources are informed by more than 100 cloud-based business apps and social platforms.

The latest version also includes these features:

  • The ability to scan business cards to create new CRM records. Nimble builds records in seconds by collecting information including name, title, company, email, address, and phone number.
  • The ability to research new contacts on the go. Using the iOS Share Menu in a mobile app or browser, the user can tap on Nimble to view a person’s social media profiles, areas of influence, job title, company description, and work experience.
  • The ability to review email, calendar, and social contact history. Nimble automatically synchronizes email conversations, calendar activity, and social interactions for each team member and every contact, with the goal of making sales intelligence readily available.
  • The ability to send tracked messages and templated emails. With an eye on saving time, users can utilize email templates with custom merge tags and preset attachments to email contacts. Additionally, they can enable message tracking to monitor engagement.
  • The ability to manage multiple sales pipelines from the field. Users can manage sales across multiple pipelines, as well as log notes using mobile voice commands and assign follow-up tasks and schedule reminders.

“Traditional CRM is hard to use because you have to do all the work and I think that’s why 99 percent of the world’s businesses out there don’t use any CRM,” Ferrara says. “Most people’s CRM is their inbox or spreadsheet, and Nimble’s changing that because we’re the first CRM that salespeople love to use.”

For more information on Mobile CRM 3.0, you can check out this demo  from Ferrara.

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