New Product Roundup: March 10, 2004

Surado Solutions released its Surado CRM Dashboard, which offers a real-time, comprehensive single view of the customer across the enterprise. Users have the ability to select from a menu of activities, priorities, responsibilities, and analytics to place on their own custom view, and can create multiple custom dashboards using 16 different graphs or table content views. The solution features several performance gauges, including sales forecasting, pipeline analysis, top deals, new leads, and problem accounts. Artisoft launched the new TeleVantage 6.0, a solution targeted to medium-size businesses, branch offices, and call centers. The release features a 50 percent increase in scalability, enhanced legacy PBX integration, and the TeleVantage ViewPoint, a new version of the system's graphical interface that allows for management of calls and messages via PC. The solution also includes an archived recording browser for on-demand archiving voicemail and call recordings.
Convergys introduced its new Knowledge Creation Center, a solution designed to address core customer challenges. The technology focuses on the development and implementation of programs that address challenges linked to optimum sale close ratios, average handle-time, customer satisfaction scores, and cost-per-channel. It also targets outsourcing, practices for maximum customer satisfaction, and training and recruitment necessary for successful cross- and upselling. ServiceWare Technologies made available its ServiceWare Enterprise 5.5. The upgraded solution now supports Unicode for knowledge searching and building in several languages; ServiceWare's Cognitive Processor automates cross-language learning, eliminating the coordination of separate knowledge relevancies in each language. The solution features a new interface for ServiceWare Self-Service, and includes the ServiceWare Agent, a new product designed for customer service representatives. WebSurveyor Corporation unveiled a new Web interface for its online survey solution, providing immediate accessibility and mobility for survey administrators. Users can create and publish surveys, and can analyze results using only a Web browser on a variety of platforms, including Windows, Mac, or Linux. The system also features an account management survey dashboard to access snapshots of key survey statistics, view graphical representations of survey activity, and use new workspace for creating and editing surveys. LeadGenesys announced enhancements to its LeadGenesys Platform, an effort targeted to improve prospecting and campaign reporting. A new interface allows for personalized HTML email messages, which direct responders to personalized Web site pages that capture and custom-score prospect profiles. The new platform also includes an email-based LeadGenesys Prospecting Tool for trackable prospecting and cross-selling messages. GroupLink, a provider of solutions built on Linux and Novell technologies, launched new product offerings for its Leads Generation, Sales Force Automation, and Customer Satisfaction tiers. GroupLink's eReferrals provides account and interaction history; its ContactWise solution integrates customer-related applications and data to give a 360-degree view of the customer; and its HelpDesk/Customer Satisfaction enables the automation of helpdesk functions using Intranet, Extranet, or the Web.
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