NGDATA Teams Up with Predictive Analytics Specialist Zementis

NGDATA, a provider of customer experience management solutions, today announced a partnership with predictive analytics specialist Zementis that aims to boost organizations' real-time predictive analytic capabilities. With the addition of Zementis technology, users of NGDATA’s Lily Enterprise customer profile–building solution will be able to add real-time insight from their existing predictive technologies.

"Our customers are seeking both real-time scoring capabilities as well as a flexible and open way to create (train) predictive scoring models," Steven Noels, chief technology officer of NGDATA, told CRM Magazine in an email. "The partnership represents a unique solution combining these two key capabilities."

Lily Enterprise provides users with real-time updated profiles of customers, drawing on multiple data sources to build a single view of a customer based on a record of that customer's behavior. These profiles are automatically updated with each new customer interaction. NGDATA identifies two key data types that Lily draws from: interaction-based data and entity-based data. According to the company, interaction-based data comes from transactional behavior including payments, IVR, and online tracking; entity-based data is housed in CRM systems. Lily gathers data from all available sources to create a model that distinguishes between interaction-based data and entity-based data.

"NGDATA Lily translates customer and customer behavioral data into actionable 'Customer DNA' that supports data-driven actions to continuously optimize the customer experience based on real-time and traditional data sources that were previously left untapped, or processed in silo-ed fashion using complex and inefficient batch data flows," Noels said.

Zementis enables NGDATA users to integrate all their predictive solutions—including offerings from SAS and IBM—with Lily Enterprise to enhance customer information in real time. Many companies struggle to take advantage of customer information—especially when it comes to generating real-time impact. Furthermore, customer data is often siloed, making it difficult for marketers to build comprehensive customer profiles. The partnership between NGDATA and Zementis is intended to help companies improve in these areas by harnessing the capabilities of multiple systems, which Luc Burgelman, founder and CEO of NGDATA, emphasized in a statement:

"Today, in a typical organization, data and the insights they generate exist too far away from business actions and customer engagements. NGDATA customers across the world are using Lily to transform customer data into immediate and actionable intelligence. Our partnership with Zementis expands our continuous customer scoring capabilities to support all traditional predictive models, helping our customers to gain insights faster than ever."

In a separate statement, Michael Zeller, CEO of Zementis, stressed the combined solution's speed:

"NGDATA's Lily Enterprise is a powerful solution to help companies across the world better understand their customers. The insight into thousands of industry-specific metrics delivered by NGDATA helps organizations develop a deeper understanding of customers, improve the predictive capabilities of analytics, and ultimately improve their bottom line. Our solution will ensure the continuous, real-time linkage between business intelligence tools and Lily Enterprise to improve the speed of decision-making."

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