NGDATA to Acquire Eccella

NGDATA, provider of the Lily Enterprise customer data platform, recently announced that it is acquiring Eccella, a data management and analytics consultancy that helps organizations worldwide to develop, deploy, and execute data-driven strategies. According to NGDATA, the acquisition will provide customers of both companies with data-focused talent and expanded industry expertise, as well as enable NGDATA to expand its presence in North America and the U.K. Additionally, NGDATA partners will have access to the two companies’ combined global infrastructure, while Eccella’s partner ecosystem will allow NGDATA to further expand its partnerships.

"While we have a product and we’ve been successful in implementing it for many clients already, to be really successful in starting with a new client you always need people to support the client and support the partners so that you can really be successful in your first implementation and also further set up your use cases," says Luc Burgelman, CEO at NGDATA. "We decided that Eccella is very complementary to us, and the acquisition will be an interesting next step given the strategy of NGDATA, not just for having more people and more skills but also because one of our strategic goals in growth is expanding further in the U.S., in Europe, and particularly in the U.K.”

NGDATA has made a number of acquisitions over the years. Looking to strengthen its Lily Enterprise solution, it acquired personalized video platform Rednun in October 2016, incorporating that vendor’s data-driven smart video technology into Lily Enterprise. The company also acquired data management consultancy ENQUIO in 2013, bringing a team of data scientists into the fold and bolstering the Lily solution with additional business knowledge.

Burgelman says that the acquisition lays the groundwork for developing "an infrastructure for global growth." Eccella also provides "people with the right skills that maybe further down the road could be interesting not just in services but in our development of products," he says. "For a stand-alone services company, it's always good to be connected to a product in the sense that you're not just there to do data integration or to develop something that's bespoke for a certain client, you're implementing a product. We have clients where we have defined over 20 use cases already in a data strategy going forward, so having a product that you work from really gives you potential for recurring business, which, for a pure project-based service company, is something that they always look for."

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