LogMeIn Launches AI-Powered Bold360 Suite

LogMeIn today launched its Bold360 suite, a product line built on the company’s artificial intelligence-powered Bold360 customer engagement platform. The new products—Bold360 Service, Bold360 Advise, and Bold360 Acquire—use AI to enhance and personalize customer experiences throughout the customer life cycle, through features such as conversational and knowledge management tools.

“What we’re doing with the launch of the Bold suite is building purpose-built solutions for where a company needs it most, to make AI most effective for their business,” says Ryan Lester, director of customer experience technologies at LogMeIn.

Bold360 Service enables organizations to provide support to customers via live chat, messaging, email, SMS, social media, and a conversational chatbot. It offers both AI-powered self-service as well as personalized engagement with human agents. “It’s really about how do you service a customer in a contextual way and in a real-time way, through AI and then, as needed, pulling in live agents for more complex issues,” Lester says. “It’s about leveraging AI for those repetitive, inbound customer service requests, but at the same time having your live agents there for more complex, more personalized service.”

Bold 360 Advise aims to empower customer-facing employees by making centralized information easily accessible. The application can be delivered through a portal, a web browser, or a CRM system, Lester says. “There’s a lack of investment in technology that employees use to service customers. Bold 360 Advise offers AI that’s employee-facing that helps them better support customers,” he says. “It’s a consistent set of knowledge and AI tools that can help any customer-facing employee be more productive in the work they do to help service that customer better. It helps them find more consistent answers, it learns over time what kinds of questions they’re asking, and it can also help with things like onboarding and training.”

Finally, Bold 360 Acquire features conversational chatbots that proactively guide website visitors through personalized shopping experiences. These chatbots accelerate product selection and answer questions in real time. “We see an opportunity with Bold 360 Acquire to have a conversation to help a customer discover the right products for them and then also help lead them through the journey to actually buying. Bold 360 Acquire is focused on helping customers with product discovery and conversion in a much easier, more conversational way, just like you would if you went to a physical store. It’s taking that personalized, human experience and bringing it into the digital world,” Lester explains. Bold 360 Acquire was launched today in beta, with further releases throughout the year.

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