LiveRamp Announces IdentityLink for Connected TV

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LiveRamp today announced it is expanding the capabilities of its IdentityLink identity resolution platform to include connected TV (CTV), aiming to simplify campaign planning, targeting, and measurement for marketers and advanced TV ecosystem partners as well as provide a more consistent brand experience for consumers.

“Connected TV continues to be a growing part of people’s everyday lives and the way in which they access the content they love,” says Allison Metcalfe, GM of LiveRamp TV. “In the past, TV advertising at scale was reserved only for enterprise brands. Now, CTV has dramatically lowered the barrier to entry, which means smaller, more bespoke, and direct-to-consumer brands can get in on the action.”

LiveRamp’s IdentityLink for CTV solution boasts a number of benefits. It allows marketers to launch measurable, people-based CTV campaigns, while programmers can enrich their ad offerings with valuable audience data with an eye on maximizing CTV ad revenue. Additionally, technology platforms can deliver omnichannel buying, selling, and measurement solutions that include CTV; and data providers can monetize audiences across CTV for targeting and analytics.

“Up until now, the connected TV advertising ecosystem has actually been quite disconnected. Each vendor, from programmers to device manufacturers to media platforms, is relying on disparate data sources and identifier types. Audiences are locked behind walled gardens. Data for targeting is living in disparate platforms. Valuable inventory is being sold for less than it’s worth due to a lack of data,” Metcalfe says. “By using a single media and data agnostic identifier, these issues begin to fade away since systems and platforms have a common, safe way to communicate with one another, whether it’s to optimize the buying and selling process or to facilitate measurement. With a cross-channel view, advertisers can activate audiences across channels from a single hub.”

The solution also aims to provide consumers with more meaningful and relevant brand moments as they engage with CTV. “Put quite simply, positive brand experiences lead to good memories and feelings,” Metcalfe says. “Poor, disjointed brand experiences create bad memories for people. And both of these results have lasting effects.”

As examples, she cites binge watchers having to repeatedly view the same commercials, or a brand conveying a “Switch and Save!” message to a loyal customer of more than a decade. “I’d prefer a brand to not tell me the washer and dryer I bought three months ago is 50 percent off now,” she says.  

“By using an identity resolution solution, advertisers can avoid these scenarios and do really meaningful things like manage frequency and better leverage customer data for personalized messaging. Better yet, they can deliver a holistic experience where messaging remains consistent and engaging wherever that person may be,” Metcalfe adds.

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