• March 6, 2019

LiveRamp Launches LiveRamp B2B

LiveRamp today launched LiveRamp B2B, extending its IdentityLink identity resolution platform to business-to-business (B2B) marketers.

LiveRamp B2B is a global suite of solutions tailor-made for B2B marketers. Built on top of LiveRamp's solutions for B2C marketers, LiveRamp B2B lets users activate their first-party data, access third-party audiences globally, and measure the impact of their marketing initiatives.

"B2B marketers have historically lacked solutions that enable them to unlock the value of their first-party data and leverage third-party data to power their marketing initiatives, including account-based marketing, and measure the results of their marketing spend," said Pieter De Temmerman, chief operations officer of LiveRamp B2B, in a statement. "By providing a global enterprise suite of B2B marketing solutions, LiveRamp B2B now enables omnichannel B2B onboarding, marketing, and analytics in a way that enables B2B marketers to see measurable marketing results."

Companies can now take advantage of IdentityLink services specifically tailored for B2B audiences in the more than 150 markets where LiveRamp operates. LiveRamp's identity graph is capable of ingesting more than 7 billion records per minute and connecting to more than 550 destinations.

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