• August 19, 2013
  • By Leonard Klie, Editor, CRM magazine and SmartCustomerService.com

LiveLOOK Adds In-App Capabilities to Customer Service Solutions

LiveLOOK, a developer of co-browse technology, today released In-App Co-Browsing capability for mobile devices running on Apple's iOS platform.

By adding co-browsing functionality within a native iOS application, companies now have a new way to provide support to customers using those apps and devices. LiveLOOK's In-App Co-Browsing capability enables agents to instantly see the screens of customers with whom they are talking via phone. By gaining this visibility into the customer's experience in real time, the customer service agent can help the customer find what he needs, complete a transaction, select a product or service, use proprietary software or tools, and much more.

Essentially, the in-app capability allows the agent to see what the customer is doing on his mobile phone to help him more easily find what he needs. "When the agent can see what the customer is doing, he can help him much better, faster," says Igor Khalatian, founder and CEO of LiveLOOK.

Co-browsing is known to make these types of interactions up to 80 percent quicker and increases first contact resolution rates by ensuring that customers' questions are understood and answered completely, according to the company.

For companies concerned with the privacy and security issues that may arise when allowing agents to see customer mobile device screens, LiveLOOK offers its patented Privacy & Security options, including limiting co-browsing to specific in-app content and blocking sensitive information, such as credit card numbers or account information, from the customer's view. Companies that employ LiveLOOK technology can configure the application to block or allow access to whatever content they wish.

Starting in-app co browse sessions requires just one click. Integration requires the simple addition of code to a company's app environment.

"We had a strong interest in this feature coming from the financial services industry," Khalatian says. "Because we've been able to develop co-browsing solutions banks depend on, with the high level of security and customer privacy they require, financial organizations looked to us to apply those same privacy and security options to an in-app co-browsing capability. We've done this in our In-App Co-Browse solution, bringing this functionality to all industries where companies are looking to provide better live help channels as a component of their mobile strategies."

In addition to financial services, the co-browse technology has seen interest among firms in the insurance, healthcare, retail, software, high-tech, and education industries.

LiveLOOK's technology is also integrated with chat solutions from Oracle, Moxie Software, Interactive Intelligence, and Avaya, according to Khalatian.

The technology, he adds, "doesn't require any special download and works with any rich media formats."

Though the in-app co-browse technology currently only supports Apple's iPhone and iPad devices, LiveLOOK will introduce in-app co-browsing support for Android and Windows devices in 2014, Khalatian says.

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