LiveHive Releases Group-Email Features for Sales Organizations

Following upgrades LiveHive made to its sales acceleration platform last month, the company today announced new functions that will save sales reps time on follow-up activity, and make it more effective.  

"LiveHive's top priority is to simplify a sales person's workday and improve their productivity," says LiveHive's CMO, Micheline Nijmeh. "These [new] capabilities really give them more time in the day where they can focus on what's important. For example: relationship building or researching their prospects."

The group email automation feature makes mass emails more manageable for sales reps, as they're equipped with specific insights on how leads are engaging with their messages. If a rep wishes to send an identical email to 100 new prospects from a trade show or Web event, for instance, the feature simplifies keeping track of them. It lets the rep see if a message was opened, how long each recipient spent with it, and what parts of the message were engaged with. The LiveFeed feature operates on a viewable ticker box that gives sales reps immediate updates on how their emails are being interacted with. If potential customers click on a link, analytics can determine on what pages they spent the most time, or whether they shared the link. Sales reps can then leverage this information to determine which prospects should be pursued.

With the addition of sales rep performance analytics, team leaders can get a better idea of how effective email routines have been so that they can automate those processes in the future. Such visibility lets managers determine which template or piece of content is generating great results, and which reps are doing well so that their performance can be used as models to save time on onboarding, Nijmeh says. This data is particularly useful to teams that are growing and don't have time to reteach processes at scale. The tools will also have positive benefits for marketers, she says, as it allows them to see how effective their leads have been.

"Marketing has had [such] tools for a long time," Nijmeh says. "These capabilities allow sales reps to really improve the way they work."

Nijmeh highlights recent research that suggests that automated content personalization tools can significantly improve conversion. According to research by Peter Ostrow, VP of sales effectiveness research at Aberdeen Group, "emerging engagement and automation tools really help sales reps build personalized email and content and engagement," she says. "People who used those types of tools had an upward of 36 percent increase in lead conversion; and leaders who used analytics on how effective their teams are have seen results of upward of 57 percent lead conversions."

"Our priority is to provide sales organizations the deepest engagement analytics so they can improve productivity and be able to repeat that across their organization," Nijmeh says. The company plans upcoming releases that give additional metrics on sales team performance, especially with follow-ups.

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