LiveHive Announces Analytics-Driven Sales Engagement Platform

LiveHive has launched a new sales engagement platform with robust analytics capabilities. The platform is designed to make it easier for small to medium-sized companies to keep track of sales activities, in particular organizations that rely heavily on channel partners, which have more opaque movements.

The LiveHive platform allows companies to upload and share documents with different channel partners or sales teams. Various permission settings allow users to push out documents to everyone, or restrict access to a smaller team. The goal is to gain more insight into the actions of salespeople, ensuring both that they are executing on their goals and that they are receiving and using sales and marketing materials.

Administrators can view if the documents are being used or shared, both numerically and geographically. A sales manager could see that 70 people viewed a new training document, for example, with 10 people opening the document multiple times. LiveHive displays views and shares of a new sales brochure geographically, highlighting areas of strength and weakness on the map.

The software has been in the works for the past year. LiveHive was started two and a half years ago as a collaboration tool for the prosumer market, with 25,000 people in the user base. “As we were talking to our early business customers, we started to hear a lot about the pain point about not being able to have insight into selling activities,” Marketing Vice President Laura Lilyquist says.

While CRM software is great at reporting the status of leads, and most companies were happy with their lead generation, “there were a lot of blind spots in the piece in between where the actual sales process is being run. In particular if you’re selling through a channel, there are questions about what the channel is really doing, what they are selling, and if they are actually doing what they’re telling me what they’re doing,” Lilyquist says. That’s where the idea of focusing on collaboration with channel partners came in.

Additional features in LiveHive include:

  •        -Daily Digest, which creates automatic reports with top activity to users;
  •        -Social Network Selling, which allows people to share documents through LinkedIn or Google+; and
  •        -Team Libraries and Team Member Roles, which allow managers to delegate responsibilities or give sharing permissions to additional users.

LiveHive is available for desktop and mobile devices on Android and iOS. After a 30-day free trial, pricing is $35 per month for 10 workspaces, $125 per month for 50 workspaces, or $195 per month for 100 workspaces.


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