LinkedIn Announces New Features and Updates for Sales Navigator

LinkedIn on Wednesday announced a number of new features and updates for its Sales Navigator sales tool, aiming to “help salespeople get all the information they need about their accounts in one place,” according to Doug Camplejohn, head of product for LinkedIn Sales Solutions. “This furthers our mission to make Sales Navigator an indispensable tool for today’s modern sales professional.”

The updates include the following: new partners to the Sales Navigator Application Platform, a redesigned account page, auto-saved search preferences, custom sales alerts, and seat transfers.

The company recently launched its Sales Navigator Application Platform (SNAP), which aims to provide Sales Navigator insights directly within the applications salespeople use daily, across categories such as CRM, marketing automation, business intelligence, sales acceleration, web conferencing, and e signature. When it launched, the company announced a number of partners, including Salesforce.com, Microsoft Dynamics, and Marketo. Now, it is announcing more partners, including Demandbase, InsideSales.com, SugarCRM, and Oracle Sales Cloud.

The redesigned account page experience has three key elements: a company summary, a new people tab, and a news and insights tab. The company summary provides employee count, industry, revenue, and contact information. The new people tab allows users to organize account contacts into three groups: saved leads, recommended leads, and connections into the account. The news and insights tab provides users with updates when a prospect or account is mentioned in the news, posts on LinkedIn, or has significant headcount or personnel changes.

With auto-saved search preferences, Sales Navigator saves sales preferences for customized lead recommendations and allows users to apply those as filters to any advanced search with a single click.

The custom sales alerts provide users with email alerts when saved leads view the user’s profile, so that the user knows when the lead is showing interest and may be more inclined to buy.

Finally, the seat transfer allows newly hired sales professionals to easily bring their Sales Navigator data with them when they go to a company with its own Sales Navigator Team or Enterprise Edition corporate contract.

“Despite Sales Navigator’s rapid growth over the last three year years, our team continued to act more like a startup than a mature enterprise company and released features as soon as they were ready, without much if any warning or pre-release training for our customers. We’ve decided to release products on a quarterly cycle with the goal of providing advanced communications and training for administrators and users so they have adequate time to familiarize themselves with new features and take advantage of them properly,” Camplejohn says. “These new features and updates to Sales Navigator will allow sales professionals to drastically cut down the time they spend researching and qualifying prospective companies, as well as identifying the right targets within each. This will allow Sales Navigator customers to grow their pipelines and increase close rates.”

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