Lead Liaison Releases OneFocus CRM

Lead Liaison, makers of the Revenue Generation Software suite, today released OneFocus, a solution designed to increase CRM adoption by marketing and sales professionals by tackling cost and ease-of-use issues.

The Revenue Generation Software suite consists of cloud-based sales and marketing automation technologies geared primarily toward midsize businesses with annual revenues totaling less than $100 million. To date, Lead Liaison has offered tools for website visitor tracking (called ProspectVision) and marketing automation (called Lead Management Automation).

OneFocus "is a new direction for us--it really satisfies sales," says Ryan Schefke, customer success manager at Lead Liaison. "The beauty of this is that all of our software is homegrown. We didn't buy a company; we're not integrating assets or different pieces; this has all been organically developed from the ground up. So the cool thing is we had a chance to take a totally fresh look at CRM, and say, 'Okay, what are the problems with CRM today?'"

Two problems the vendor identified are that (1) CRM systems can be expensive, and (2) they are often difficult to use. OneFocus is free to all users, regardless of a company’s size, Schefke says. And while larger companies often choose big-name CRM platforms for their extensibility and potential for add-ons, Lead Liaison aims to offer a "stripped-down" version of CRM that gets at the essence of a sales rep's daily needs.

OneFocus serves as an cloud-based web environment where sales pros can manage their deals, tasks, and pipelines with fewer clicks. Users can drag and drop cards on their screens, moving deals from one stage to another, to areas labeled "lost" or "won," for instance. A task "wizard" function aims to help end users filter and focus on urgent tasks, whether those are emails or calls, by keeping them on contained on a single screen. The Prospect Profiles feature displays timelines that contain the interactions leads have had with sellers in the past.  

"It's about efficiency and sales teams having fun using the software," Schefke says.

Lead Liaison's customers tend to fall largely into three verticals: high-tech, marketing agencies, and consulting and professional services. The company also serves educational and nonprofit outfits. While the solution works as a stand-alone product, it also integrates with systems such as Salesforce.com, Microsoft Dynamics, Zoho, and Insightly, among others.

Moving ahead, Lead Liaison will focus on incorporating data enrichment services to help sales and marketing professionals better understand and segment their customers, Schefke says.

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