Lead Liaison Launches Sales Enablement Tools

Lead Liaison today launched a host of sales enablement capabilities designed to work in tandem with its marketing automation solutions. The new tools aim to enable marketing and sales reps to work together more effectively within the Lead Liaison platform.

“This is really expanding what we do for our clients. Previously, we’d been very focused on marketing automation and we feel like we have a very solid product there, so now we felt like it was time to start bridging the gap between sales and marketing and to start focusing on the sales side of things,” says Christopher Kipgen, solutions specialist at Lead Liaison.

“When you look at a lot of organizations, you tend to see that marketing and sales are kind of butting heads if they’re even vaguely aware of each other in the organization. We don’t like to see that; we want to see an organization where the two of them are working together like a well-oiled machine,” Kipgen says. “We want to be able to connect the two [marketing and sales] together, and what’s really neat about this is it’s a single platform.”

With the new sales enablement tools, users can send email directly from a Prospect Profile, Lead Liaison’s main source of information for individual prospects, and emails and threads are automatically joined to Prospect Profiles and visible in the Timeline, which shows all engagements and aspects of a prospect. Users can reply to and forward emails directly from the Timeline.

In addition, multiple pop-up windows allow users to work on multiple messages at once, and windows can be minimized so that emails can be finished later. The platform supports major mail providers, including Gmail, IMAP, and Microsoft Office 365, and users can view messages and threads as well as track opens and replies from within the Prospect Profile. Users can also create private or shared sales email templates to insert into a new email compose window.

Other sales enablement capabilities include the following:

  • Undo sending: A send can be undone with a click, and emails can be sent with a delay.
  • Sales snippets: Commonly used sentences or paragraphs can be inserted.
  • Email signatures: Users can create private or shared signatures, and insert signatures based on whomever they are sending to.
  • Reminder if no reply: All email replies are tracked, and users can be notified if a recipient does not reply within a specified time period.
  • Dynamic data merge: Users can dynamically insert Lead Liaison’s standard or custom field data into an email message.

“Automation is still the name of the game for us. Moving forward, we’re going to be focusing on sales automation,” Kipgen says. “2018 is a very exciting year for Lead Liaison moving forward. We feel that we’re really one of the first marketing automation solutions out there to include everything for both sales and marketing.”

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