InviteManager Provides One-Stop Shop for Customer Entertainment

Client entertainment enablement SaaS provider InviteManager today announced its completed rebranding, the result of a two-year process. InviteManager is the new corporate identity of TicketManager and, in partnership with Concur and Salesforce.com, serves more than 4,000 customers, including American Express, FedEx, and NBC Universal. InviteManager also counts more than 60 professional sports teams and venues as partners, including the NBA, NFL, and NHL.

"One of the most powerful things a company can do is leverage an experience: When we experience something together, it has power that is stronger than most marketing tools or customer appreciation tools," says Tony Knopp, CEO at TicketManager. "Why we're doing this is to bring people together to experiences.…What's stopping that from happening right now are things like compliance, are things like trying to meet enterprise compliance, trying to understand different siloes and rules that the enterprise has."

InviteManager aims to handle all aspects of corporate event management, with companies using the platform to find, request, approve, and distribute materials for customer engagement. The platform also enables businesses to invite, register, and check in guests for events with more than 100,000 attendees, and to sell tickets and passes in over 70 countries.

The solution also employs one-click functionality with several features, including flexibility, integration, mobile capabilities, invite allocation, and real-time ROI. InviteManager can adapt to businesses' unique workflows and approval processes and is compatible with platforms such as Salesforce, Concur, Outlook, and Eventbrite.

"In order for that [the solution] to be successful, it has to be available where the revenue drivers live, and that's in Salesforce.com, it's on their phone as a mobile application, both in the Android store and also in the Apple app store. It needs to be available on their desktop. It needs to be available in their Microsoft Outlook, it needs to be available, fully integrated with, their Concur," Knopp says.

In addition, InviteManager enables companies to view and manage client entertainment from Apple, Android, Blackberry, and Windows devices, and its invite allocation feature provides users with complete control over who sees and uses invites and allows users to assign invites by region, business line, or custom rules. Finally, the platform provides more than 200 on-demand reports to gain insight into client events.

"All the features that are built into our application are built to make it easier for me to experience an event with a customer or prospect," Knopp says. "What that encompasses is little things like making sure that on my phone at all times I have access to everything my company has access to: all of my company's sports tickets, all of the sponsored cables, all of the events that we're running, all of the memberships that we have—all of those things at my fingertips. So now I'm enabled and I'm empowered to experience [it] together [with a client].”

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