Intouch Insight Launches LiaCX

Intouch Insight today launched LiaCX, its new cloud-based customer experience management software that aims to empower organizations that have multiple locations, like retail or restaurants, to make the most of their customer experience programs.

LiaCX collects and combines data in real time from sources including surveys, mobile checklists, mystery shopping, operational audits, social media, and call centers; it also integrates data from third-party systems such as Salesforce, Oracle, and SAP. All this data is mapped to the customer journey, and the solution’s artificial intelligence capabilities transform that data into insights.

Additionally, LiaCX includes Action Campaigns, which aim to enable organizations to take action on those insights. Action Campaigns allow users to create targeted campaigns to improve specific areas of the customer journey and business metrics; assign specific actions and tasks to employees at different levels across the organization and at different frequencies; verify whether actions were completed via integrated mobile checklists and photo capture; and measure the impact of actions on specific business metrics in real time.

“We’ve been in the business now for over forty years of collecting customer experience information, and our customers have been driving us in this direction,” says Cameron Watt, president and CEO of Intouch Insight. “This product came out of a desire to help be great partners with the current brands that we support and that we serve. We understand change is permanent. Change is not something that happens once and then it’s done, and the pace of change is increasing at such a rapid level that we knew we were going to have to change to keep up. We wanted to make sure we were always in the front of it and not following it.

“Now we’re living in this real-time, automated world where everybody has the Internet on their wrist or in their hand,” Watt adds. “it’s more important than ever that companies control their brand and their communication with their customers and that they give people the opportunity to reach out and talk to them so that they don’t talk to the world, especially when things are bad. We’re excited to be on the forefront of dealing with this stuff.”

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