• April 18, 2013

Infor Updates Epiphany Marketing Apps

Infor, a provider of business application software, has released Infor Epiphany Marketing 10.0.2, the latest version of its customer experience and interaction management application. This release takes advantage of Infor Workspace and Infor User Experience, Infor’s new user interface.

A component of the Infor ION Experience suite of products, Infor Epiphany Marketing deployed with Infor Workspace allows users to simplify the workday by getting information when and where it’s needed,. Built-in Web parts include short cuts, links, and in-context intelligence.

In addition, several Infor Epiphany Marketing-specific Web parts are provided when deploying the application with Infor Workspace, including the following:

  • Recent Files which provides a list of the five most recently saved files;
  • Favorite Reports that provides a list of all saved Favorite Reports by topic;
  • Favorite Charts that quickly view important charts that have been saved as a favorite;
  • Campaign Calendar that provides a quick view of current campaign activity; and
  • Task Manager which provides quick access to an individual’s five most recent items appearing in the Task Manager per category.

Additional upgrades in Infor Epiphany 10.0.2 include the following:

  • A brand new, user-friendly homepage and interface  The refreshed homepage leverages new Web parts designed to provide a quick view of important areas being used across the application.
  • Updated application navigation – Reducing clicks and page loads and allowing faster and more efficient navigation through the application.
  • Completely revamped report pages  Several of the most-used reports have a new, rich and responsive user interface. The updated reports now leverage drag and drop, and minimize scrolling, clicks, and popup windows.
  • Improved functionality for tables and charts – Chart functionality in the most-used reports is significantly improved, allowing the user to zoom in on data within the chart, view data points in the grid, select attribute values on which to draw the chart, as well as choose which attribute values to include in the data. In addition, charts are interactive and zooming in allows closely aligned points and hidden details to be magnified. Now, previously cluttered areas, full of lines and data points, are clear.

"To sustain life-long, meaningful customer interactions, marketers need to be able to easily and quickly analyze large volumes of customer data to uncover new opportunities, and easily build communication strategies across multiple touch points with varied messaging," said George Wright, senior vice president and general manager of CRM products at Infor, in a statement. "This new release of Infor Epiphany Marketing not only gives our customers enhanced tools and capabilities to complete tasks more efficiently, but the new user interface experience lets them interact more intuitively with the software, enhancing the user-experience and eliminating time spent time swiveling between applications to do work."

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