Infor Launches Networked Order Management

Infor recently launched Networked Order Management to help companies enhance their omnichannel customer experiences by providing them with greater flexibility in orchestrating inventory.

The solution, which relies on Infor's GT Nexus Commerce Network, leverages inventory throughout the entire supply network with an eye on reducing out-of-stocks, saving sales, and shortening delivery lead times. It also enables companies to provide options for customers such as buy online/pick up in store, buy online/ship from store, and a mix of take-with and ordered items, all of which can be handled in a single transaction in front of the customer. Additionally, it has a mobile in-store component with the same user experience that other Infor in-store products use for point of sale, clienteling, and store inventory management.

The new solution is part of what Infor refers to as "converged commerce."

"At the heart of this vision are the principles of leveraging the cloud, advanced science, networks, and beautiful, design-thinking UX to engage users on a new level. Infor Retail laid the groundwork for a revolutionary, next-generation offering," says Erick Rowe, vice president of Infor Retail. "We believe the existing [distributed order management] solutions available are either too complex and expensive to implement or lacking in the necessary features to support modern companies. Our objective is to address both concerns in a way that enables companies to better serve their customers. For companies looking for a more complete solution, we provide complementary products, such as store systems, merchandising and planning, and supply chain applications.

"Now, with the availability of Infor Networked Order Management, we can offer a personal supply chain that takes advantage of all these solutions and helps retailers deliver the converged commerce experience demanded by today's customers," he adds.

Networked Order Management also works with other Infor products; it will be integrated with the company's Product Configuration solution to help users create their own unique products while simultaneously boosting e-commerce conversion rates, revenue per order, and brand loyalty.

In addition, Infor's Coleman AI platform will leverage Infor Networked Order Management to determine how best to manage fulfillment options at scale.

"We do not subscribe to the pervasive retail apocalypse storyline but instead believe retail is going through a massive positive transformation," Rowe says. "Next-generation technologies like machine learning forecasting, mobile customer engagement platforms, and networked order management will enable retailers to improve the customer experience, launching a new golden age of retail."

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