Freshworks Introduces Proximity Messaging Tools

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Freshworks today introduced Proximity, a suite of new features for its Freshchat messaging software that aims to help businesses build better relationships with prospects and customers by enabling quicker, easier, and more immersive communications.

The initial launch of Proximity includes three key features: CoBrowsing, a Facebook Messenger integration, and OmniChat. The first, CoBrowsing, provides screen sharing with real-time audio and video, enabling sales and service agents to deliver an immersive experience to users and resolve issues faster. CoBrowsing does not require additional downloads, installations, plug-ins, or integrations with other tools.

“CoBrowsing allows support or presales personnel to share the same screen as the user on the other side—it’s essentially a Webex-like experience,” says David Thompson, chief marketing officer at Freshworks. “It can be initiated right within Freshchat, and both the user and the support/sales agent are able to share the same screen. CoBrowsing enables the support or presales rep to experience what the user sees and solve any issue in real time.”

The second key feature is integration between Freshchat and Facebook Messenger. With the integration, businesses can assign user messages from different Facebook pages to different teams, enabling efficient, contextual responses.

“The Facebook Messenger integration provides context and background on incoming chats between a customer and a support agent, making it possible to match and route the inquiries based on the content of the Facebook page with the skills of the agent. For example, if the Facebook page is dedicated to product X or contains comments about service Y, the incoming messages will be coded in such a way that they can be routed to the right subject matter expert within the organization,” Thompson explains.

The third key feature is OmniChat, which allows chat agents to use Freshchat from any tab in Google Chrome. It does so via a Chrome extension that enables Freshchat’s chat inbox.

“The chat box inbox is where Freshchat users ‘live’ day to day. By replicating this user experience in Chrome, it allows the agent to have their main communications console always available across tabs and windows. This makes it much easier and faster for the agent to respond to incoming chats,” Thompson elaborates.

Going forward, Freshworks plans to roll out additional Proximity features, including live video recordings and automatic translation. “Proximity is about getting closer to your customers through the Freshchat experience,” Thompson says. “Future enhancements to Proximity features such as automatic translation promise to make customer and agent communications even more productive and helpful.”

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