FirstRain Unveils Enterprise Customer Intelligence System

FirstRain, an analytics software company that provides personalized customer intelligence to sales and marketing professionals, released its latest solution today. The Enterprise Customer Intelligence System provides users with targeted customer, prospect, and industry intelligence that they can access from an iPad, various CRM systems, collaboration portals, mobile devices, and other enterprise workflow platforms.

"There is an urgency among companies to equip their sales and marketing teams with better and more actionable intelligence," says FirstRain CEO Penny Herscher. "We are seeing two massive waves right now. One is that companies are making huge investments in social enterprise collaborations. We are also seeing a lot of growth in enterprise iPad deployments. These developments are what helped drive our decisions when we created the Enterprise Customer Intelligence System."

The Customer Intelligence System is an extension of FirstRain's Business Monitoring Engine, which uses semantic analytics and a range of algorithms to identify and deliver business related analysis and content from the Web that is organized into specific topics and prioritized by significance. The new system automatically delivers information and analysis based on each user's configurations, such as the names of the companies a user enters into the system. The filtered information is categorized under companies, business lines, and industry topics, which also contain additional subcategories.

"We already have more than 6,000 business line topics alone, and if clients want to include another topic all they have to do is let us know using the add feature and we'll review it," explains Ryan Warren, vice president of marketing at FirstRain.

In addition to receiving highly personalized intelligence, users can also share the research with their colleagues through a central dashboard.

The Customer Intelligence system is compatible with several CRM systems, including Salesforce.com, Microsoft SharePoint, Jive, and Cisco Quad. The iPad is the only tablet for which the company developed a dedicated app of the Customer Intelligence System, but the Web app version operates on Android tablet browsers. FirstRain also offers dedicated iPhone and Android mobile phone apps as well.

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