• June 20, 2014
  • By Leonard Klie, Editor, CRM magazine and SmartCustomerService.com

FirstRain Introduces Personal Business Analytics for Salesforce1

FirstRain, a provider of personal business analytics, today introduced Personal Business Analytics for Salesforce1, a personalized, role-based analytics application for mobile devices.

FirstRain's Personal Business Analytics provides sales and marketing professionals with insights based on the company and business unit for which they work, the role they have, the territory they cover, and the critical business drivers that accelerate growth.

The highly personalized application "knows who you work for and what kind of a salesperson you are," says Penny Herscher, CEO of FirstRain, "and based on that, it personalizes the information for you."

The personalized information is "highly relevant" and includes and an in-depth analysis of opportunities and risks in particular sales territories and industries, down to the line of business, product, and vertical market level, Herscher says.

Personal Business Analytics can also suggest the next-best action to take based on the information available. It is designed "to give every business user an x-ray view into what is changing about their business," Herscher explains.

FirstRain's business analytics engine dynamically responds to developments detected on the Web and in social media, where Herscher says the amount of information available to businesses "is growing exponentially."

The application works on all mobile devices running on the iOS, Android, and Windows platforms. With this latest Salesforce1 integration, it also works with all the major CRM applications and enterprise portals, according to Herscher. "It just made sense for us to integrate with Salesforce," she adds,

"Offering our products on Salesforce1 helps our customers be more deeply informed on the changes that directly impact their job and their business, so they can make better decisions, develop smarter strategic plans, get closer to their customers, achieve greater sales, and outwit their competition," Herscher says.

Within Salesforce1, professionals will be able to engage their key customers and immediately share key information with their teams via Salesforce.com's Chatter internal social networking and collaboration platform.

FirstRain Personal Business Analytics is currently available to customers via the FirstRain beta program, with general availability scheduled for next month.

The company first released a version of its sales intelligence tool for Salesforce roughly a year ago. It then released its Customer Insights on Salesforce.com's AppExchange in October.

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