Engagio Announces Sales Activation Tools

Account-based marketing platform provider Engagio today announced Sales Activation Tools, a set of features that allow marketers to deliver relevant insights to sales, enabling marketing and sales to collaborate more easily.

A critical feature of the tools are alerts that allow marketers to create ongoing subscriptions to notify sales teams about important scenarios as they happen. The alerts can also provide real-time notification of key events that require immediate follow-up.

“The faster the salesperson can respond to something that’s interesting, the greater chance they will have of closing that deal or helping with an expansion,” says Heidi Bullock, CMO at Engagio. “The idea here is as a sales rep, say we just did a field event and I want to know immediately when any of the VPs that attended that event visit our website or download a piece of content or really any interaction I can envision. We can make sure that is sent to them in real time.”

Sales Activation Tools also includes territory digests, which are weekly territory snapshots that can be sent to account executives and sales development reps with the goal of informing them about what’s happening in their territories so that they can prioritize accordingly; and an account insights in CRM feature, which enables sales teams to see account information directly in their CRM systems, such as Salesforce.

“We’re definitely in the business of supporting B2B marketers whether they’re doing demand generation or account-based marketing, and the biggest roadblock that we hear continually is not only aligning with your sales team but really supporting ongoing coordination with them,” Bullock says. “We wanted to develop a set of tools that any level of marketer can use…the idea is that it does not take somebody that has ten years of experience to create these alerts or subscriptions; anyone in marketing can do it.”

She adds that the toolset supports alerts and reports not just on people but accounts, opportunities, and activities. “A lot of marketers do want to be aligned and actively coordinate with their sales team, but for them it might be harder to provide the right information to sales and I think this is really solving that.”

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