DataFox Launches Inbound IQ

DataFox today launched Inbound IQ, a solution that aims to bridge the gap between leads and accounts to enable alignment between marketing and sales teams when executing account-based strategies. According to the company, misalignment between the two is the result of CRM leads being disconnected from their accounts; the company notes that CRM leads are typically not linked to a company until they are manually qualified.

Inbound IQ has six key features to solve this misalignment. First, Intelligent Forms match email addresses to legitimate company domains and automatically updates the corresponding company data, with the goal of enabling marketers to evaluate inbound submissions more easily.

Second, Lead-to-Company Matching connects leads to DataFox companies, with the goal of surfacing new target companies to be qualified into the CRM as accounts.

Third, Lead Enrichment with DataFox Company Data adds to new or existing leads with company data from DataFox’s company intelligence platform, with the goal of enabling data-driven lead routing and campaign segmentation.

Fourth, MQL by Account Score aims to improve MQL quality by combining engagement scores from marketing automation platforms with DataFox Account Scoring, which includes both DataFox company and CRM account data. Leads are enhanced with this score, along with company data, with the goal of screening MQLs based on Ideal Client Profile (ICP), which, in turn, aims to improve MQL quality and conversion rates.

Fifth, Company Signals on CRM Leads displays DataFox’s Company Signals—which monitor target companies—on CRM leads with the goal of reducing pre-call research and enabling more informed Sales Development Rep engagement.

Sixth, ABM Execution Alignment uses DataFox’s Account Scoring as a measurement for delivering best-fit companies to ABM execution campaigns.

“[Inbound IQ is] helping fill the gaps in the plumbing between these two juggernauts: marketers use Marketo, sales uses Salesforce, [but] neither of them work interchangeably truly on a company level,” says Mike Dorsey, cofounder of DataFox. “We’re stepping in the middle and doing this translation there from leads…to accounts and pumping the data back and forth to help solve that misalignment problem so teams can do their account-based strategy and can actually execute what they’re trying to do because we’re filling the information void—we’re adding intelligence to the inbound process.”

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