Crushpath Secures $6 Million; Debuts Pitch Sites

Crushpath, a start-up company that launched a CRM-compatible platform for salespeople last summer, has secured $6 million in Series A funding and launched a new feature, Pitch Sites.

Crushpath's core platform was built to illustrate the play-by-play of a salesperson's relationship with his customers. With integration to Twilio Voice, Crushpath looks to make any aspect of the sales interaction—from phone calls to email to personal visits—a visual and social one.

Although today's release of Pitch Sites does not represent a departure from the company's original intent, according to Sam Lawrence, Crushpath's cofounder and CEO, it does re-examine the scope of its product reach. "We were watching how people were using it and realizing the industry was much bigger than we thought," Lawrence says. "Crushpath Pitch Sites are a clever way to create and deliver an elevator pitch for products, services, or events and replace an email or cold call with a simple, one-page pitch."

Using Crushpath Pitch Sites, salespeople or marketers, for instance, could populate a pitch page with photos, videos, story text, links, and other assets using a template specifically targeted to their industry or use case. Pitch Site users have the ability to tailor their messaging to either public or private audiences, and to measure the success of a pitch or campaign through advanced analytics.

Once a Pitch Site is created, that user can then promote and share the site on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. "The other way is, of course, email," remarks Matt Wilkinson, cofounder and senior vice president of products at Crushpath. "When you send a Pitch Site promotion email on Crushpath, it embeds a full-size thumbnail of the Pitch Site…and you get a visual of what the user is offering, compelling you to click through."

For a limited time, Crushpath's Basic Plan is available for $9 per user per month, which includes Pitch Sites and Leads. An unlimited license is $99 per user per month and includes the same features as the Basic Plan, plus relationship management features to help the user manage deals.

"We strongly believe that everything begins at the individual level," Lawrence says. "That's the way we're initially licensed. That's what this next generation's enterprise software is all about—this idea of 'I can use this in my personal life and I can use it at work.'"

Crushpath's $6 million round was led by Chamath Palihapitiya, founder and managing partner of The Social+Capital Partnership, with participation from George Zachary of Charles River Ventures.

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