ElasticSales Launches Close.io Platform

ElasticSales, which provides an on-demand sales team to up-and-coming companies, has launched a sales-centric CRM platform called Close.io. 

Designed so sales reps can track customer correspondence with "minimal effort," one of the core functionalities built into the system is the ability to click-to-call contacts or to receive calls through Voice over IP. While the system can log a note that a phone call was made within the contact record, ElasticSales' Director of Marketing Josh Waller says the company is eyeing call recording and transcription for future releases. 

Close.io offers sales reps and managers standard tabs, such as Opportunities, Tasks, and Reporting for various stages of the sales pipeline, along with "Smart Views" of leads according to their status or custom chains, such as "Recently Updated," "Never Called," or "Recently Called." Reps can take it a step further and log contacts as a "Bad Fit" or "Potential," for instance, to help gauge whether that lead is hot or cold. 

Within the Close.io platform, sales reps have access to two-way emailing that synchs with any email client, though Yahoo! and Gmail are the most prevalent. As Waller points out, "the key thing here is that everything is searchable." 

Whether a rep needs customer information from the body of an email or all correspondence or notes associated with a particular company, "smart search" lets him do that. For each and every contact or company, a rep can automatically see a virtual paper trail of calls, emails, and notes made within the system.

Close.io has a three-tier pricing structure with the enterprise edition, at $149 per user per month, offering unlimited dialing and minutes, call routing, and features such as custom integration support. There is also a professional edition, at $99 per user per month, and a Lite Version, at $59 per user per month, that does not offer the phone number and unlimited minutes.

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