• June 16, 2015
  • By Leonard Klie, Editor, CRM magazine and SmartCustomerService.com

Coveo Launches Intelligent Search in the Cloud

Coveo today introduced Coveo Cloud, an end-to-end, intelligent search cloud platform delivering unified search as an enterprise-class service.

Coveo Cloud, scheduled to be released in September, will enable organizations to unify data from disparate sources across the IT ecosystem (cloud and on-premises), create ubiquitous search experiences wherever people work, and recommend the most relevant insights directly into the context of customers and employees.

"Search is becoming the key to enabling the digitalized workplace. It allows the next generation of digitally literate workers and consumers to access the most contextually relevant information from the IT ecosystem of cloud and on-premises systems and data sources at that moment of need," says Diane Berry, senior vice president of market strategy at Coveo. "By delivering search as a service, organizations will be able to simplify the deployment and expansion of search throughout the enterprise by making it easier to index a wide range of on-premises and cloud-based data sources and systems, deploy the search experience to any interface and/or device so it’s embedded within the flow of work via any interface and/or device, and making it easier to tune search relevance via cloud-based usage analytics."

Coveo Cloud components will include the following:

  • A secure cloud-based index that unifies cloud and on-premises content;
  • A security framework that includes encryption at REST;
  • Broad connectivity to a broad range of cloud and enterprise systems;
  • A relevance engine that can be tuned by department, workgroup, and user context;
  • A JavaScript interface editor to embed search components and enable intuitive search experiences; and
  • Usage analytics for crowd-sourced content curation and relevance, including machine learning, to automatically optimize result relevance.

Coveo Cloud will speed the creation and go-to-market of intelligent search applications within popular enterprise platforms. Coveo for Salesforce, the first Coveo intelligent search application using Coveo Cloud, is already in use at many organizations. Coveo for Salesforce Service Cloud and Community Cloud Editions securely bring relevant information from across the IT ecosystem into the context of customers and support agents, most often without an explicit query being conducted.

Coveo's goal, Berry says, "was to leverage the flexibility and elasticity of cloud computing environments to make enterprise search applications that are simple to deploy and offer secure indexing across both newer cloud-based applications and legacy, on-premises systems, allowing organizations to accelerate user adoption and reduce time to value."

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