CorvisaCloud Releases Flexible Product-Plus-Platform Solution

Cloud-based contact center software company CorvisaCloud has introduced a product-plus-platform solution. The solution enables companies that want to add a feature or customize CorvisaCloud's product to do so in the same environment, adding speed and eliminating the complexity of connecting different systems that may be hosted by different Web services.

"It's similar to [development platform] Apex and Salesforce.com," explains Matt Lautz, president and chief information officer at CorvisaCloud. "You can use it to change the product without asking [the company] to do a release for you."

The solution was inspired by an unmet need in the cloud contact center software space. "What we believed was drastically missing in the marketplace was both a product and a platform," Lautz says. CorvisaCloud can now sell to prospects based not on the feature set, but on building a customized solution that will meet business challenges. "It's no longer 'Here are the features we can offer you,' it's 'What do you need?' Any areas that are unique, we can handle those needs through the platform," Lautz says.

There are three ways companies can add features to customize their product. First, they can do it themselves, using developer tools provided by CorvisaCloud. Second, they can ask CorvisaCloud to add a customization. Third, the company is developing a list of third-party developers who can handle customizations for clients.

Beta tests for customizations have had positive results. One company looking to switch providers already had call routing based on skill level. They wanted additional routing that would first measure how much revenue their salespeople were logging every hour, and then route calls based on that ranking, so calls would be routed to the best agent available at each time. Within a week, CorvisaCloud had built the feature for a product demo. "Instead of having to get it on the product road map, and wonder if enough people would sign on to justify the development, it was released as custom app, as they requested," Lautz says.

Another company had a complicated IVR system that had logic that required interacting with more than one Web service provider. All those queries dramatically slowed down IVR interactions. By building all the logic on one platform and through a coding language, instead of a simple drag-and-drop interface that might work for less complicated tasks, they were able to reduce latency by eight seconds, Lautz reports, meaning customers had a faster, easier experience.

Lautz also emphasizes that the customization will be affordable for all customers, including the small to mid-sized companies that comprise a large portion of CorvisaCloud's customer base. "We can take ten-person companies and help them achieve the transformation of having the product customized to their business needs. It doesn't have to be five million, ten million investments. They can build something for a few hundred bucks," Lautz says.

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